Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Papal Desk

The papal apartment is a place of spectres.

Before the renovations of 50 years ago it was a place rich in baroque splendor.   

The walls were covered to the ceiling with elegant crimson damask.

Antique Flemish tapestries hung on the walls.

The mahogany desk top inlay covered in calf or pigskin.

Parchments were signed made of vellum.

Lovely oriental vases and gold-mounted candelabra, all gifts to the popes.  

None of this was because the pope was not humble, but because of the exalted dignity of the office.  


  1. "None of this was because the pope was not humble, but because of the exalted dignity of the office."

    Why don't you come right out and say it? Pope Francis is confusing and misleading people. His "humility" is actually "look-at-me".

    I guess it would hurt your Rome tourist business if you were so direct ;)

  2. Read Aquinas on prudence. JP's tact is a sign of maturity.

  3. Living in the Santa Marta as opposed to the papal apartments is not a step down for Francis. The Santa Marta is a very palatial well-appointed residence. He occupies a good portion of the first floor. The residence is not modest by a long shot. I've been there. The pope's apt is not huge but then the pope's apt in the papal apartments was not not huge either. The actual living quarters are modest in size. So, leaving the papal apts for Santa Marta to show the world that he is eschewing the grandeur of the papal lifestyle is bogus. I do believe he once said he wanted to be around people and the Santa Marta provides that where the traditional papal apts could be "lonely" especially after "business hours".
    The pope lives very comfortably.

  4. Why do you people pick on this wonderful pope? Who are you to say that what he does is bogus?

    He is trying to get Catholics to think. Old Henry Sharp used to say that he wouldn't hire Catholics for managerial positions because they couldn't think on their own. This Holy Father is trying to prove Henry Sharp wrong.

    Vivat in aeternum sanctissimus pater Franciscus!