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St. Mary's Academy and College, Kansas - Keeping Catholic Education Alive


This movement has proven to be the most effective pro-life campaign yet.

Prayer, fasting, and alms giving for the pro-life cause. 

Help spread the word.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Padre Pio Celebrates Outdoor Mass at Dedication of Local Hospital

In Honor of Benedict: Servant of the Servants of God

Annus secundus expletus a renunciatione Sanctissimi in Christo Patri Benedicti Decimi sexti, Pontificis Maximi, prolata pridie kalendas martii anno salutis bimillesimo terdecimo, pontificatus eius octauo.

New Evangelization Summit 2015

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rome Quotes

"It is difficult for most people today to realize that prayer can change the fate of nations.  But it is the teaching of the Gospels and the belief of all Christians in all ages, that there is no limit to the power of prayer.  It is the ultimate spiritual arm, and no earthly power can stand against it."

-Christopher Dawson

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

RIP: Dr. Jack Willke, M.D.

Pray for Peace and the Destruction of Evil

Pray for Armies to Stand Up to the Jihadi Movement

Syllabus Condmning the Errors of Modernists

The Latin Motto: Ubique (Everywhere)

The Corps of Royal Canadian Enginners on a Dodge Weapons Carrier. 

First Holy Communion Image for Girls

Hopefully a Google search will lead you to this post.

This is a fine image to have printed on the program, in a holy card to commemorate the occasion, or even on the cake. 

Teaching RCIA

The Church is in need of faithful laymen to teach on the parish level.

Get involved and help teach RCIA or CCD or whatever.

We are short on good guys to teach.  Pastors cannot do everything.  

Yours truly teaches Marriage Prep.  I have done so to hundreds upon hundreds of couples.  It is never easy.  But you do the Lord's work and keep doing the Lord's work.  Your reward will be in heaven.  God's grace is enough for you.     

Evangelization Magnets for Your Car

Life is short.  Get the word out while there is still time. 

Communion Wafer

Called a host after consecration.  

Made by sisters in the Holy Land. 

Thanks, Fr. Pablo!

Garden Statue

Papal Signatures

Guest book of the Vatican observatory.

Thanks, Summer!

Christus Heri, Hodie, Semper

Emblem of the Magnum Iubilaeum.

 "Jesus Christ, yesterday, and today; and the same for ever."

-Hebrews 13: 8

Catholic Humor

Image from the Internet. 

IL Papa Romano

The Cardinal of Hollywood

As you drive through Los Angeles, and Hollywood, you will see cute little Catholic churches everywhere.  A great many of them were built by him.  When he retired he served as a simple parish priest at St. Basil's Church in downtown Los Angeles.

Thanks, Fr. Pablo!

Catholic Quebec

When he retired he went to be a missionary priest in French speaking West Africa.

Thanks, Fr. Pablo!

Frank Card. Spellman

Thanks, Fr. Pablo!

When Cardinals Wore Red

Today cardinals wear a sort of red-orange.  Some are asking for a return to the old shade of blood red.

Thanks, Fr. Pablo!


Tabarro of a Cardinal

The first American to head a  dicastery of the Roman Curia as Pro-Prefect of the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith.

Thanks, Fr. Pablo!

Canadian Cardinal

Thanks, Fr. Pablo!

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Catholic Culture: Vienna Tombs of the Hapsburg Emperors

"The Hapsburg monarchy had risen to greatness as the champion of a universal religious ideal and as the patron of an international Catholic culture.  It had made use of men of the most diverse national origins - Italians and Spaniards, Magyars and Czechs, even French and Irish - in the service of this common cause.  The later Austria which had been built on this Catholic foundation had developed its own type of humanist culture - the culture of the musicians, like Hayden and Mozart, and of the men of letters, like Grillparzer and Adalbert Stifter - a humanism which was less self-conscious and less philosophical than that of West Germany, but which was all the more deeply rooted in the social life of the Austrian people." 

-Christopher Dawson

Catholic Culture: Vienna Tombs of the Hapsburg Emperors

"...the chief historical significance of Austria in the centuries that followed the Thirty Years War is that it was the only great European power that was not identified with a particular nationality.  It was the one exception to the general tendency of modern society towards the identification of nationalism and culture, and it still kept alive down to the 19th century the ideal of a common Christian society embracing different peoples and languages under one political authority while allowing room for considerable differences in institutions, manners and customs."

-Christopher Dawson

Catholic Culture: Vienna Tombs of the Hapsburg Emperors

"The Austrian Empire had its faults, and, as I have said, even committed its crimes.  But it was a world in which national types could live with some degree of liberality and ease; they were not all rolled out flat, as they were by the Kaisers and the Czars.  But Austro-Hungary was a thousand things; Austro Hungary was a thousand years, lapsed kingdoms, feudal fiefs, feudal bishoprics, free cities, abbey lands, scraps of forgotten treaties, remnants of the entanglement of Italy with the Holy Roman Empire.  These things had all lived together somehow in a muddle, but not in a murderous discord of the sort that divides the Prussian from the Pole.  There was relatively an atmosphere of enlightenment; and the light was very largely at least a reflection of the ancient sunlight of the Mediterranean."

-G. K. Chesterton

Catholic Culture: Vienna Tombs of the Hapsburg Emperors

"It is often said that the decline of Spain was due to exhaustion after an endless series of wars, but after all, throughout the seventeenth century Austria endured far worse, since she had to fight on three fronts - against the Turks, the French and the Swedes, and on her own territory.  Her capital was besieged, her lands were devastated, and she was defeated again and again.  Yet in spite of all, she emerged far stronger at the end of the century than she had been at the beginning.  She saved the Empire from disintegration, she restored the Catholic culture in Central Europe, and she finally turned the tide of Turkish conquest on the Danube.  What is the explanation of this remarkable achievement?  None of the five emperors whose reigns cover the long period from 1619 to 1740 was a political genius.  All of them were rulers in the style of Charles V and Philip II, laborious, pious, patient and persistent: totally unlike the new type of enlightened despot which was characteristic of the eighteenth century.  They remained faithful to the medieval ideal of the emperor as Vicar of God, at once the servant and the representative of divine power in the world.  Whatever their faults, the Hapsburg emperors from Ferdinand II to Charles VI always held fast to this ideal and subordinated their own personalities and interests, as well as those of their subjects, to it.  Their triumph was not due to their economic resources or their political ability or their good fortune.  It was the reward of their indomitable persistence and their devotion to the moral and religious ideals of Catholic monarchy."

-Christopher Dawson

Catholic Culture: Liturgical Music from Great Britain

Singing Greek in the Roman Liturgy: the Kyrie

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The Dream Team

Pope Pius XII pictured with newly elevated cardinals in a Vatican throne room in the 1950s. 

Cardinals in the group include Cardinal John D'Alton, Cardinal George Maria Grente, Cardinal Carlo Maria De La Torre, Cardinal Marcello Mimmi, Cardinal Maurice Feltin, Cardinal Valerio Valeri, Cardinal Augusto Alvaro da Silva, Cardinal Celso Costantini, Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani, Cardinal Joseph Wendel, Cardinal Valeriano Grazias, Cardinal Crisanto Luque, Cardinal Paul Emil Leger, Cardinal Giacomo Lercaro, Cardinal James Francis McIntyre and Cardinal Giuseppe Siri. 

Photo by Rolls Press/Popperfoto/Getty Images

Hat tip to Vesti Papali on FB

Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine

Rome Quotes

"For more than four centuries the intellectual leadership of the world passed to the Islamic peoples, and it was from the Arabs that the scientific tradition in Western Europe derived its origin.  Nevertheless, in spite of this, the scientific and philosophical achievements of Islamic culture owe little either to the Arabs or to Islam.  It was not an original creation but a development of the Hellenistic tradition which was incorporated in Islamic culture by the work of men of Aramaean and Persian blood."

-Dr. Christopher Dawson

"Error Has No Rights"

Image from the Internet. 

De Magistris of the Holy Roman Church

Summer in Rome Pilgrimage: Join Us!

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