Monday, June 27, 2011

Vatican Police Tape

What a Pallium Looks Like

The most sacred of all vestments. Pope John Paul should have been buried in this. It does not belong in a museum. And Pope Benedict ought to still be using the original one he received from the hands of the pope in 1977.

Episcopal Ring of Bishop Karol Wojtyla

Classic - from when he was consecrated bishop in a.D. 1958 (at age 38!).

What Infulae Look Like

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Chasuble of Archbishop Wojtyla

This sixteenth century chasuble, from the treasury of the Wawel, is worn by the bishops of Cracow and was sometimes worn by Archbishop Karol Wojtyla.

Sanctus Petrus

Patriarchal Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls; 1930s front entrance door.

Rome's Pontifical Oratory of St. Paul (Pontificio Oratorio San Paolo)

Where St. Paul Was Buried in Rome

Patriarchal Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls; located along the Tiber River.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Historic Day: When the Pope Was Presented His Own Tiara

May 25, 2011.

Rome's Parish of Pope St. Pius V

Located just behind the Vatican; constructed under the reign of Ven. Pius XII.

Belvedere Courtyard: Where Vatican Employees Park

The English word nepotism comes from the Italian word nipote which means "nephew."

Wine of the Old Papal States

The best stuff money can buy - made by the Casa Divina Providenza/House of Divine Providence (once upon a time property of the Stato Pontificio/Papal States). It's from Nettuno, where St. Maria Goretti lived.

What Tonsure Looks Like

Entrance/Exit of Vatican Museums

Constructed in 1932.

Clergy Parking in Italy

Sunday, June 19, 2011

From Rome: Splendor of Rite of Confirmation in Extraordinary Form

From Rome: Splendor of Rite of Confirmation in Extraordinary Form

Trinity Sunday: Deo Trino Uni


How the Papal Bedroom Works

The papal bedroom is always the corner room - this is the sixteenth century tradition seen here in the Lateran Palace as well as with the Apostolic Palace.

From this bedroom there was once a clear view of each of the patriarchal basilicas in Rome. Even today one can still see the dome of the Vatican Basilica from this window.

The papal bedroom always had two entrances. And even a secret escape door leading down, located in the adjoining room, which can still be seen here.

The idea of the corner room with two doors, was, in theory, so that the palace could be viewed simply by standing in the corner of the room and looking down through the rows of rooms with their open doors stretching along either side of the palace sides.

Ceiling of Lateran Palace

Painting Seashore Near Rome

Lateran Palace

The common joke is that you go to the main level to do the paperwork to get married and later you go to the top level to do the paperwork to get divorced.

Lateran Obelisk: Largest in Rome

Seen from the papal bedroom of the Lateran Palace.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pontificium Collegium Canadense in Urbe

Pontifical Canadian College - a gorgeous property with a lovely garden, near the Vatican.