Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Belong to a Venerable Archconfraternity in Rome

Always a great honor. 

A great way to get men involved in church, while also giving them a liturgical role.  A bit like the Knights of Columbus.

Name this Archconfraternity correctly and you will prove that you really know Rome well.

"Willingly join the confraternities of your locality, particularly those whose exercises bring most profit and edification.  By so doing you will perform a kind of obedience that is very agreeable to God, inasmuch as these confraternities, although not ordered by the Church, are nevertheless recommended by Her.  For to testify how much She deserves that very many persons enroll themselves in them, She grants indulgences and other privileges to the members."

-St. Francis of Sales


  1. For me this is a tough one. The ribbon is that of the papal order of St Gregory while the cross is similar to the Order of Malta....mmmm not sure John..please let us know.

  2. The Amalfi cross has been made use of by many groups, Catholic and non-Catholic alike.

  3. La Reale Arciconfraternita dei Santi Giovanni Battista ed Evangelista dei Cavalieri di Malta ad Honorem di Catanzaro