Friday, June 29, 2012

True Religion

Memoriam Eorum Retinebimus

Aldergrove, Canada.

"Our Glorious Dead"

Aldergrove, Canada.

Just glorious to see this.

Honor your fallen. And teach your sons and daughters to do the same.

Catholic Culture: Catholic Mens Groups

The way it's done seen in Vancouver, Canada.

We need more of us. The Protestants are way ahead of us in this regard.

Start this in your parish. Christian brotherhood. Friendship. Leadership.

Ladies have prayer groups. Men must have men's groups.

And next time, someone bring the beer.

"Iron sharpeneth iron."

-Proverbs 27:17

All Religions Equal?

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FSSP Vocations - Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul

Founding day - founded by the pope.

Is this your vocation?

Worship in the manner of our ancestors.

"Religious should not forget that the good example of their own lives affords the highest recommendation for their community, and the most appealing invitation to embrace the religious life." -Perfectae Caritatis, 24.

The Way It Is

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Venerable Fulton Sheen, Pray for Us!

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Non Praevalebunt e Basta

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Fr. Clarence Steiner of Nativity with His Family

Monsignor Clarence J. Steiner is the priest who made me. He baptized me, became my weekly confessor, taught me the Faith - by his quiet, humble, silent example.

By big words? No. Big actions? No. Big gifts? No. Being Mr. Cool? No.

But by being present. And being faithful. He was holy. That's the simple secret. He was good at being a priest.

Priests today sometimes try too hard. With the jokes, smiles, talk of sports, throwing the football, trying to be ordinary just like everybody else. Wearing our clothes. Speaking like us.

Once at the baptism of one of my nephews in the 1990s, during the rite, the priest cracked lame jokes. A bit couth, eh? Not a good time for jokes, dude. The rite speaks for itself. Let it be.

Priests: you must remember - you never know what kid you are inspiring. That altar boy in the back row might be a future vocation. Always show holiness and reverence for the sacred. Kids don't always get this at home, but they can at least get it at church.

Just by your presence, you inspire. You must be holy because the kids will see this in you or not see it in you. The faithful will never expect you to be a canonized saint, but they will expect you to be nice.

Once when I was praying alone in church as a kid Monsignor came over and said hello. In that moment this simple gesture meant the world to me. Just think of the enormous amount of good a priest does when he is just nice. When he just says hello. When he makes intercession for the faithful under his care.

He was always in the church praying. I never saw him without his breviary. He was always a gentleman.

My father was his altar boy in the 1950s. I was his altar boy in the 1990s. He was always a saint. My father told me as a boy they called him "Pops Steiner." The kids loved him.

Monsignor told me that he loved his family. That his toughest funeral was that of his brother. That he loved his uncles in White Bear. That he hated the boarding school he went to because he was separated from his family. That his family loved to sing songs at home. That his father was pious. That his mother was saintly. He loved his sisters, one of whom is still living today. He always described his mother as being "French."

His passion was to hear confessions. He would do this for many hours. I have never in my life seen a priest who would hear confessions for so many long hours. And he was always a lamb in the confessional. I went to confession to him many hundreds of times. Every Saturday. He must have known it was me, but never let on - he gave me the right to be anonymous. He would always say the same thing: "God's grace has brought you here." Those words ring in my ears today. Mercy.

In the hundreds of times I went to confession to him, his voice wavered only once. He was always the same gentle lamb, with no exceptions, week after week. Except this one time when I heard the deepest pain in his voice after I had confessed anger at the pope, and bishops. With the deepest anguish, he responded. Since then I hold no animosity toward the popes living or deceased - their jobs are not fun and they suffer before all of us.

Monsignor Richard Schuler, personal friend of Monsignor Steiner, once served 14 years with him at the same parish, Nativity.

Monsignor Schuler, laughing, shared this story with me over pleasant dinner reminisces at the table of the St. Agnes rectory: "One time, when Clarence preached at Midnight Mass, he actually fell asleep during the sermon, he was so tired. In the pulpit while preaching! I was in the choir loft, watching. He had been hearing confessions for so many long hours that he actually fell asleep, standing in the pulpit."

Be a Norbertine

The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter

New Pius XII Site in Rome

Pray that a museum will be established at his place of birth in Rome.

It will take a miracle.

2012 National Pro-Life Conference in Canada

Be there in Toronto: Most of you have likely never been to a pro-life conference. Go, it will change your life forever.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

National Union Boss Ken Lewenza on Abortion Quagmire

The first thing I would do is fire this Kenny guy. Look at this hysterical harridan girl.

Next, I would lambast him for his bolus of giggles over dead baby images.

Squeamishness is the natural reaction of the lay public. And shock. And horror.

If you see ghoul images of aborted babies, then yes, please have a heart. Be horrified.

Gynecology residents, for years, have called the abortion procedure "scraping it out." Not funny.

Note to the CAW (Canadian Autoworkers' Union):

If you see an image showing an aborted fetus reconstructed at the end of an abortion like a grisly jigsaw puzzle, then have some respect for the dead.

These images reflect exactly how doctors reassemble abortion dead after the procedure - to make sure they have effectively removed all parts from the mother's body.

Surgically, a bravura performance. But lift the veil and let the people see the work of the little gremlins with their own eyes.

See where the spine has been snapped in two and removed with dispatch. How the skull had been crushed and the brain drained out before the bony parts were removed. Or how the arms and legs of the body had been torn off to be removed separately.

Er, wait. You think this is about God? That only religious people make a fuss about abortion?

Stop the revolutionary fervor of the 1960s. Get a grip. No baby needs to be sucked out of the safest place on the planet, a womb, with a plastic vacurette.

Photo shop? No, if this is done after about ten weeks, one can see after the suction curettage identifiable parts of the fetus's body, dismembered and trapped in a gauze bag, causing a stony reaction from nurses. Once everything is out, the uterus signals completion by contracting and the bleeding slows markedly.

And you think this is okay? Safe? And legal? For who? Your daughter? Your baby?

What? You don't like to hear this? Makes you feel uncomfortable? Then why do you go out of your way to promote and support the abortion glut?

Dr. Bernard Nathanson, MD, once wrote: "The suction machinery we use at present to bring about abortion tears the alpha [unborn infant] away from its site swiftly, crudely, and cruelly, without regard for its integrity. Alpha is dispatched through a long plastic tube to rest finally in a gauze bag amid blood, clots, and assorted gore."

Union special interests need to stop. They are a scandal - politicking on our dime, and getting paid for it.

Thunder Bay Man Assaults Women of the New Abortion Caravan

The Latin Mass?

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident."

-Arthur Schopenhauer

To Our Glorious War Dead: Dulce et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori

Surrey, Canada.

This is how it's done - seen in Canada. Btw, the statue is a new addition.

Coliseum Library

Vancouver, Canada.

Catholic Culture: Archdiocesan Arms

Vancouver, Canada.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Outdoor Banners

Vancouver, Canada.

Canadian Church Art

White Rock, Canada.

Inner-City Outdoor Statue

Vancouver, Canada.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Where to Study in Canada?

Here can be seen students from Redeemer Pacific College in Vancouver. A great place to send your kids to study. Consider it. See their website here:

Monday, June 25, 2012

Crimes Against Humanity

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Rome Quotes

"There is an easily and generally propagated error in the minds of many that active participation, to which the Constitution on the Liturgy is inviting people, is of a purely physical kind."

-Joseph Lennards

He Who Refused To Celebrate the Novus Ordo Missae

Image from the Internet.

Thanks, Rodolfo!
Sexto Kalendas Iulii. Luna sexta. Romae, sancti Iosephi Mariae Escriva de Balaguer, presbyteri et confessoris, qui Opus Dei et societatem sacerdotalem Sanctae Crucis fundauit pro sanctificatione cuiuscumque in proprio uitae statu.

Teach Your Kids: History is Prologue

Image from the Internet.

Catholic Culture: Catholic Women's League

Langley, Canada.

Tabernacle Veil

Langley, Canada.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fortnight for Freedom

Catholic Response to Homosexual Parades

Over the years many have marched against civilization.

That much is not new.

Masons. Marxists. Anarchists. Rabid feminists. You name it.

Now homosexualists.

Forces of evil are always at work. And so is the good Lord.

This initiative is from Toronto - to pray and make reparation.

I have been asked to help promote this - please sign up!

Rome Quotes

"The Church embraces every person, not every idea."

-Richard Aleman

Dies Irae Sung By Youth Choir -- It Can Be Done

Seen in Vancouver, Canada.

Redeemer Pacific Chamber Choir.

Let scholae cantorum be duly promoted. Even, or especially, in universities.

As prescribed by V. II, let the Church's patrimony of Gregorian chant, polyphony and organ music be preserved with all care.

Many thanks to Redeemer Pacific for teaching this to our youth. This is the type of college I would want my kids to study at.

Keep up the good work, guys!

How To Teach Catholic Culture -- Seen in Canada

A lovely event hosted by Redeemer Pacific College.

This is how it's done. How we teach.

Youth were introduced to theatre and to sacred music at the same event: both collaborative forms of fine art that use live performances to present an experience. What sets this apart as worthy of special mention? It was the right theatre and the right music.

The first time yours truly has heard the Dies Irae in ages. A real treat.

Thanks, guys!

Sports Fields on Church Property

White Rock, Canada.

Always nice to see.

For the kids to have a safe place to run and play after worship.

Modern Christian Art Worthy of the Name

White Rock, Canada.

By artist T. Milton, 2009.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Flowers

Vancouver, Canada.

Venerable Michael McGivney

Collegium Vancouveriensis

Vancouver, Canada.

Catholic Culture: School Motto in Latin

Vancouver, Canada.

Ecclesial Art

Vancouver, Canada.

Rome Quotes

"The crisis of musica sacra in our day is another symptom of a widespread lack of understanding of our faith in the supernatural dimensions of the Church and of its supreme task and final destiny, the praise of God which joins heaven and earth."

-Mons. Johannes Overath

Friday, June 22, 2012

Catholic Culture: Boarding School

As a rule, I have tended to be against boarding schools for teenage boys.

In any event, this is a worthy initiative and a fine education.

Help spread the word for those who are interested:

They will be in need of support.

Catholic Culture: First Holy Mass of Thanksgiving Sung in Latin

Thanks, Philip!

The End of America? The HHS Mandate's Threat to Freedom

Tip of the fedora to the famous Fr. Z!

Catholic Culture: Catholic Schools

Vancouver, Canada.

The nuns are gone. The brothers are gone. It is now up to a new generation of Catholic lay folk to help preserve Catholic identity in our schools. Otherwise, we are just like everybody else. Then, all is lost.

Catholic Culture: Catholic Hospitals

Vancouver, Canada.

The nuns are gone. Now it is up to us laymen. Do your part to help preserve Catholic identity and moral teaching in Catholic institutions. Yes, the world is against us. Do your part anyways.

Catholic Culture: Kneeling for Holy Communion

Nice to see this devotion in the Cathedral of Vancouver.

This noble custom of the Latin rite is finally making a comeback.

It can be seen in other cathedrals as well, such as in Vienna.

And, it can be seen in other parishes, such as the Polish parish in Rome.

Or even in basilicas, such as that of Ottawa.

As a kid I can still remember once kneeling for Holy Communion at the old parish of St. Adelbert's in St. Paul, Minnesota. It left a strong impression on me - a very impressionable moment - and selective memory has retained that impression into my adulthood.

You want your doubting kids to believe in the true presence?

Pastors, make the jump: begin to prepare your parishioners though little notes in the weekly bulletin.

Anti-Euthanasia Rally in Vancouver

An insult to call suicide "dignity". And to suggest that most people want it.