Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Join Us for an Unforgettable Trip of a Lifetime!

To see the face of Christ.

When the Shroud of Turin goes on display in Turin's cathedral next spring – only the sixth time in nearly a century – it will have an illustrious visitor: you.

I encourage all people to consider joining me on this trip of a lifetime.  All are welcome.

Contact me for details:

The Shroud, believed to be the burial cloth of Christ, is ordinarily kept in a protective case safe inside Turin’s cathedral. But in 2015, the Shroud will be displayed in the cathedral in a very rare public exhibition known as the “Ostentation.” The viewing starts April 19 and ends June 24.

We will be seeing and doing a lot in Turin, Milan, Genoa, Rome and the Vatican.

Do not miss out. 

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