Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bombing of Rome at San Lorenzo

The Pius XII statue at San Lorenzo to commemorate his going to the people amid the destruction of war.  The Pope of Peace.  May he pray for us from above.  Peace to the world!


  1. FYI...the finest book on this event was published in 2010 "1943 Bombe Sul Vaticano" by Augusto Ferrara.

  2. This is a fine church and often overlooked by visitors to Rome because it is off the beaten track. It has an amazing history and for permanent deacons it should be a must visit church as St Lawrence the deacon-martyr is entombed there. A chance to pray next to these sacred relics is an opportunity not be missed if you are a deacon and visiting Rome. It is worth a taxi ride to see this basilica. (also Pope Piux IX is buried here)