Saturday, August 31, 2013

When Vestments Were Beautiful

From the old Holy Land Art Company of New York, New York (formerly at 55 Barclay Street). 

Founded in 1922, they are still in business.  See here.

Would be great to see vestments like this available once again. 

Blessings of Summorum Pontificum: Church of the Holy Family in Vancouver

Established in 2008.

Going strong.  Lots of young families with kids. Lots of growth.

Holy Matrimony

Image from the Internet. 

Church of St. Agnes: a Model Parish

Ecclesia S. Agnetis Romani.

This is where yours truly grew up.

Be the Living Thing

Image from Facebook. 

Where to Buy Faith Formation DVDs

The Sword of Islam

Christians under siege.

Being attacked.

Being murdered.

By Islam"ists".

Pray and do penance.  They are here.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sacred Liturgy in Canada


Church of Sts. Joachim and Ann, located in Aldergrove, British Columbia. 

August 29, 2013: the Beheading of St. John the Baptist.

A lovely liturgy - an annual tradition  With dinner afterwards at White Spot.

Thanks, Fathers!

Jesus: King of Mercy

We need to speak more of the mercy of God. 

Of second chances.

Of mercy. 

Baroque: Form of Religious Art Uniquely Favored by the Rational Understanding

Baroque statue of St. Paul seen in Rome. 

Catholic Culture: Catholic Men Getting Together for Fellowship

"In Catholicism, the pint, the pipe and the cross can all fit together."


Traditional Habit in Vatican

Roman Ruins in Suburban Rome

You see them here, there, and everywhere. 

Catholic Youth: Walk the Way of St. James in Spain

A great pilgrimage.  Do a Google search and so some research.  Go with friends.  A beautiful thing: to go on pilgrimage. 

Shopping for Antiques in Rome

Beware, because you will pay more as a foreigner. 

Vatican Gardens

Defending Christian Values in the Political Arena

Getting involved seen in Rome. 

Modesty in the Vatican

No shorts  and no tank tops.  

The guys selling the scarves makes a  bundle. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013

Home Where Cardinal Pacelli Stayed in USA Up for Sale

Disgusting it is for sale.

It will surely be torn down for redevelopment.

Pray the Jesuits will change their minds.

We have already given away too much of our inheritance, often for quick cash, and this is one gem worth keeping in the family.

You can see the chapel here:

Support Christians in Egypt

The Moiré Soutane

With gold tasseled leoni fascia seen in 1978.

It is more of an act of humility to submit to the burden of office, and the trappings of office.

Thanks, Summer! 

Lago Albano (Lake Albano)

A great spot for a lovely afternoon break from the summer heat of Rome. 

On the Lago di Castel Gandolfo.

Lunch at Castel Gandolfo: IL GROTTINO

After a swim in Lake Albano, always nice to enjoy lunch at the Grottino.  Family owned.  Super nice people.  Fair prices.  The epic view is of the crater of the lake.  

Vi invita a passare!

Of course there are a few really fun places to dine at Castel.  Wherever you go, be sure to try the mountain (montagna) food.  Ox tail soup, the famous Roman porchetta, and always remember the Colli Albani house wine. 

Closed Windows of Papal Apartment

At the papal summer villa. 

Olive Groves of Castel Gandolfo

Underneath the gaze of the papal villa. 

Main Entrance of Papal Summer Villa

Catholic Culture: Pontifical Parish

The parish of Castel Gandolfo: St. Thomas of Villanova.  

See their site here:

Train Ride to Castel Gandolfo from Rome

Always lovely to see the aqueduct ruins in the Roman campagna, along with the interesting gypsy camps.