Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Love the Roman Rite


Report shows Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world

The Finest Priest I Have Ever Known

Hear him here:

FSSP in URBE: First Sunday of Advent

Vestments donated many years ago by the City of Rome to the now parish Archconfraternity.

Rome Quotes

"There is not a heresy, so far as I can remember, in the history of the Church, which has not begun in some bishop or priest."

-Henry Edward Cardinal Manning

What the Fisherman's Ring Looks Like

Once, yours truly met the Pope at the Lateran Univeristy and after having kissed the ring, held it up close to study the design of Peter in the boat with the net.

Rome Tomb of St. Cyril

San Clemente.

Ex ossibus S. Cyrilli Slavorum Apostoli.

Have a Nice Outdoor Statue in Your Churchyard

Ottavia, near Rome.

How to Build a Simple Mission Church

Ottavia, near Rome.

Simple, cheap, easy.

Prefettura della Casa Pontificia

This has never looked quite looked right since it was put it up here over the main entrance.

Anyways, it's always safer to go with a more classic rendition of the tiara, and Latin.

R.I.P. Lello Perugia


Papal Blessing

Benedictio Coram Populo

Sancti Apostoli Petrus et Paulus: de quorum potestate et auctoritate confidimus: ipsi intercedant pro nobis ad Dominum.  R/. Amen.

Precibus et meritis beatae Mariae semper virginis, beati Michaelis Archangeli, beati Ioannis Baptistate, et sanctorum apostolorum Petri et Pauli et omnium Sanctorum.

Misereatur vestri omnipotens Deus; et dimissis omnibus peccatis vestris, perducat vos Iesus Christus ad vitam aeternam.  R/. Amen.

Indulgentiam, absolutionem et remissionem omnium peccatorum vestrorum, spatium verae et fructuosae poenitentiae, cor semper poenitens, et emendationem Sancti Spiritus; et finalem perseverantiam in bonis operibus tribuat vobis omnipotens et misericors Dominus.  R/. Amen.

Et benedictio Dei omnipotentis, Pa+tris, et Fi+lii, et Spiritus + Sancti descendat super vos, et maneat semper.  R/. Amen.

Study in Rome for Free

Russell Berrie Fellowships in Interreligious Studies

A wonderful postgraduate scholarship sponsored by
the Russell Berrie Foundation and offered at the Dominican's Pontifical Univeristy of St. Thomas in Rome.




FYI: How to Write a Christmas Card in Latin

"Tempore nativitatis Domini nostri omnia bona vobis exopto, annusque novus ut feliciter incipiat, felicius progrediatur, felicissime exeat."

"Sit tibi sollemnitas nativitatis Domini tranquilla, beata, felix!"

Thanks, Raph!

When in Rome Visit the American Benedictines at Nearby Norcia

See Norcia, where St. Benedict was born, in the beauty of Umbria.

You can stay with the nuns on the edge of town for cheap as they operate a nice pensione.

Visit the monks and buy from their gift shop: http://www.osbnorcia.org/.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Pray the Novena for Philip

Join us:

Feast of the Immaculate Conception in Rome

Pontifical Mass to be sung by Domenico Cardinal Bartolucci
on Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2010
at 10:30 a.m.
History in the making every day of the year.


Solidarity with Iraq Christians (in Latin)

Christiani Iraquiae

Sancti Martyres Bagdatenses, Orate Pro Nobis!

Thank you to all who remember and support these suffering Christians.

And many thanks, Raph.

Rome's Last Old Marble Shop Near the Vatican

ER Marmo, across the river from the Vatican, on Via di Panico.

Marmista shops like this once covered the city.

Christians Died in the Coliseum

Commemorative plaque in Latin.

Catholic Vietnam

Rome tomb of Francis Xavier Cardinal Van Thuan Nguyen.

A saint.

Rome Graffiti in Latin

A state of emergency ought to be declared in this country: the graffiti is out of control and nobody sees this except the tourists.

Rome's Gregorio VII

Catholic Africa


Scala Regia; inside the Bronze Portal.

This targa was put up after the bronze doors were cleaned and restored.

Coliseum: Hemorrhage of Blood

Note to the world: "Yes, Christians did die in the Coliseum."

As a tour guide clients often ask me: "Is is true that no Christians died in the Coliseum?"

My response is immediate, honest and frank: "Of course they did!"

American Latinist of the Popes

Regg-Dogg Knight:


Christmas Concert in Rome

The Pontifical North American College, our seminary in Rome, invites you to...


13 December 2010
8 o'clock pm

Immaculate Conception Chapel
Pontifical North American College
Via del Gianicolo, 14

Free tickets can be obtained from the seminarians of the North American College.

Advent Conspiracy Promo Video

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pro-Life Prayer Vigil at the Vatican

November 27, 2010.

Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro-Car√°mbula, Interim President of Human Life International, with pro-life saints from Canada, U.S.A., South Africa and New Zealand.

Vegilia Per La Vita Nascente.

Help H.L.I. to do the Lord's work: http://www.hli.org/.

Theologian of the Pontifical Household

A favorite Rome professor, Rev. Dr. Wojciech Giertych, O.P.

A humble man who speaks perfect English, he can sometimes be seen on the 64 or 40 express.  From Poland, he studied for years in England.

Study at the Dominican university in Rome and take his popular "Fundamental Moral Theology" course and so learn from the masters: http://www.angelicum.org/.

Catholic France

New Maestro Direttore of the Cappella Musicale Pontificia Sistina

Don Massimo Palombella.


Catholic South America

Catholic Germany

One of the Seven Protonotaries de Numero Participantium

Catholic Asia

College cassock of the Pontifical Urban College.

Rome Quotes

"Lastly, there is one person upon whom this AntiChristian spirit concentrates itself, as the lightning on the conductor.  There is  one person upon earth who is the pinnacle of the temple, which is always the first to be struck.  It is the Vicar of Jesus Christ; and that for the most obvious of reasons.  There is no man on earth so near to Jesus Christ as His own Vicar."

--Henry Edward Cardinal Manning

Clergy Shoes on the Rome Subway

From the Arab World: Remember the "Church of Martyrs"

Rome Conference on Vatican Council II

Hosted by the good guys...

The theological seminary of the Franciscans of the Immaculate, the Seminary of the Immacolata Mediatrice, are hosting a conference entitled:



Conference on the studies of the II Vatican Council, for the right hermenutic in the light of the tradition of the Church (Convegno di studi sul Concilio Vaticano II, per una sua giusta ermeneutica
alla luce della tradizione della Chiesa).

Dec. 16, 17, 18, 2010
Istituto Maria Ss. Bambina
Via Paolo VI, 21
Rome (Across the street from the Vatican)


See you there!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Sunset Off the Coast of Rome

The best sunsets this time of the year can be seen from Santa Marinella (a.k.a. La Marinella, the Nella, the Nellas).

What Does Vatican II Really Say?

One of the smartest things I ever did was to read each and every word of the sacred and holy, oecumenical and general Synods of Trent, Vatican I and Vatican II.

Here are some fun quotes from the most recent Vatican Council that illustrate how confused our faithful, and our pastors are, on what exactly the Vatican Council said:

"In accordance with the centuries-old tradition of the Latin rite, the Latin languge is to be retained by clerics in reciting the divine Office."  (S.C. 101).

"Steps should be taken so that the faithful may also be able to say or to sing together in Latin those parts of the Ordinary of the Mass which pertain to them."  (S.C. 54).

"The Church acknowledges Gregorian chant as proper to the Roman liturgy: therefore, other things being equal, it should be given pride of place in liturgical services."  (S.C. 116).

"Other kinds of sacred music, especially polyphony, are by no means excluded from liturgical celebrations."  (S.C. 116).

"Each priest shall always retain his right to celebrate Mass individually."  (S.C. 57).

"The use of the Latin language is to be preserved in the Latin rites."  (S.C. 36).

"Absolutely no other person, not even a priest, may add, remove, or change anything in the liturgy on his own authority."  (S.C. 22).

"Popular devotions of the Christian people are warmly commended."  (S.C. 13).

"In additionn they [seminarians] must learn how to observe liturgical laws." (S.C. 17).

"The typical edition of the books of Gregorian chant is to be completed; and a more critical edition is to be prepared of those books already published since the restoration by St. Pius X."  (S.C. 117).

"The texts intended to be sung must alway be in conformity with Catholic doctrine."  (S.C. 121).

"In the Latin Church the pipe organ is to be held in high esteem, for it is the traditional musical instrument, and one that adds a wonderful splendor to the Church's ceremonies and powerfully lifts up man's mind to God and to heavenly things."  (S.C. 120).

Vatican City: Pilgrims of All Ages

She has a soul.

She can love and be loved.

Abortion leaves one dead and one wounded.

Christians are pro-life and value every human life.

Vatican City: Layman, Seminarian, Priest

Everybody a link in the chain of Christ.

We all distribute our gifts for the welfare of the Church (cf. 1 Cor. 12:1-11).

Swiss Guard Flag

With tiara.

Traditional Habit


Catholic Culture: the Hood

Rich in history and symbolism.

Mozzetta of a canon.

Many pastors in Italy are canons.

In one sense it is a gentle reminder of the monastic footprint of the priesthood.

Militia Christi

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Seminarian Who Played the Organ at the Rome Episcopal Consecration of the Servant of God F.J. Sheen

Mons. James Francis Halpine, pray for us!


In Latin: Pontificia Cohors Helvetica

Scala Regia.

N.B. Behind you can see the two "secret" doors which actually open.

Catholic Art: Ceramics

Great for outdoors, they withstand the cold and heat and can last for centuries.

A Secretary of Pope St. Pius X: Mons. Giovanni Battista Bressan

Rome's Campo Verano.

Rev. Monsignor, pray for us!

Early Version of the Tiara

San Clemente.

Rome's Old S. Apollinare Seminary Honors Pius XII

Pontificia Universita' Santa Croce.

What the Ambrosian Cassock Looks Like

From the the See of Milan - fashion capital of the world.

Next time you find yourself in the old Duchy of Milan, have a clerical tailor make one of these for you. 

St. Peter's Basilica: the Noblest and Most Complete Building Ever Raised by Man

Vatican Basilica: Wealth and Art for the Glory of God

St. Peter's Basilica: all the magnificence that wealth and art can produce.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Feast of San Clemente in Rome

Nov. 23, 2010.

Rome Tomb of Pope St. Clement and St. Ignatius of Antioch

With relic bust of San Clemente.

Feast of San Clemente in Rome

Annual procession every Nov. 23 at 6 p.m. with Irish Dominicans, seminarians from the Pontifical Irish College and others.