Wednesday, August 31, 2011


SODALITIVM INTERNATIONALE PASTOR ANGELICVS (SIPA) est coetus an. Dñi. MXMVIII conditus ad personae operisque Pii PP XII cognitionem promovendam et augendam.

El Escorial: Sacred HQ of Spanish Catholicism

Know of this very special place, the Royal Monastery of St. Lawrence.

Unique and gorgeous that together under one roof was the royal palace, a very large monastery which is still functioning as well as a school, hospice, etc.

Located just outside Madrid, the capital city of Spain, one can even see Madrid from the upper mountains here.

Under the stars it was an honor to pray outside this sacred place this August while watching the summertime tears of St. Lawrence streaming the sky above and smoking a hecho in Cuba cigar.

Glorious 1952 Eucharistic Congress in Barcelona

Astounding to see what the conciliar liturgical renewal has brought to Barcelona - a diocese today in near total collapse.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Buy the Summa in Latin-English

Every Catholic family is to have a home library.

Gift Your Pastor With One of These

The perennial question is what to get a priest as a gift.

Gift him with a hand embroidered pall from this fine young Catholic lady and spread the word.

Prayers for Sr. Margherita Marchione, PhD

Sr. Margherita Marchione wrote August 19 that she has intestinal cancer.

On Thursday she went in for colon cancer surgery.

Please pray for her recovery.

Born in 1922, Sr. Margherita has written almost 100 books and has become the premier defender of the venerable memory of Pius XII.

Sister wrote in an e-mail dated Aug. 19: "Prega per me a Pio XII " (Pray to Pius XII for me).

It is known in Rome and the Vatican that what is holding up the beatification process of Pius XII is actually a lack of substantiated miracles attributed to his intercession.

What we need now are faithful Catholics to pray to Pius XII for his holy intercession for healings and miracles of the sick and terminally ill and this will allow for the process of beatification to move forward.

Through the holy intercession of Ven. Pius XII, pray for a miraculous healing of Sr. Margherita Marchione.

CARA SUOR MARGHERITA: Sono sicuro che ce la farai e Papa Pio XII ti aiuterà.
Noi preghiamo di poterti ancora rivedere e abbracciare!

Rome Baptism of the King of Spain: Future Pope with Future King

Palazzo Malta on Via dei Condotti in January of 1938: the fourth standing from the left is King Don Alfonso XIII of Spain, baby Infante Juan Carlos is in the arms of his grandmother Queen Victoria Eugenia of Spain (née Battemberg), Princess of Great Britain and Ireland, Cardinal Pacelli is chatting with Infante Don Jaime, Duke of Segovia, second son of King Alfonso. This cute baby is still living today and reigns as the King of Spain. Pray that he may be faithful to the grace of his baptismal promises.

Thanks, Rodolfo!

Barcelona: Shopping for a Chapel Veil

Tricky to preserve Catholic womanhood these days. But the veil does play a part. Thus the Madonna is veiled, our our sisters are veiled, our brides are veiled, and first communicants, etc..

Catholic Art: Terracotta

Catholic beauty seen in Spain.

Barcelona: Neo-Gothic

Barcelona still has a gorgeous Medieval section of the downtown.

How It's Done: The Facade of Your Episcopal Palace


Barcelona: Catholic Art Vandalised by Socialists in Spain

In the 1930s almost 7,000 priests, sisters and religious were killed in Spain by the socialist reds.

"No one can be at the same time
a sincere Catholic and a true socialist."

Pius XI

Barcelona: Battle of Lepanto Flag Ship Commanded by Don Juan of Austria

Barcelona Maritime Museum - this model was then made into a life sized boat in 1970 and can be seen today at the museum.

El Escorial: Tomb of Don Juan of Austria of Lepanto Fame

Located just outside Madrid. Photos are not permitted of the interior of the palace and his tomb is watched by a security guard.

On the side of the tombs are carved these Latin words from the Holy Writ: "FUIT HOMO MISSUS A DEO CUI NOMEN ERAT IOANNES."

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Way It's Done: in Latin

Dedication plaque of the Basilica of the Holy Family in Barcelona, consecrated by His Holiness Pope Benedict in November of 2010.

King Juan Carlos of Spain: Baptized by Ven. Pius XII in Rome

Born in the posh Parioli section of Rome, he was baptized in the the private chapel of the Palazzo Malta on the Via dei Condotti in January of 1938 by Cardinal Pacelli. A year later, Pacelli was pope. In 1975, Juan Carlos was king; and he remains king even today. The grace of baptism in this world is always at work for grace, conversion, holiness and catholicity.

Barcelona: Sight of the Glorious 1952 Eucharistic Congress


It's the good old days that some of us mancare.

Ven. Pius XII Fresco Seen in Barcelona Church

Barcelona: Pius XII Tram Stop

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Barcelona: Ven. Pius XII Plaza

Pl. de Pius XII in Barcelona, where a large, central altar was erected for the 1952 Eucharistic Congress.

Barcelona: Ven. Pius XII Tram Stop

Who would have known? Barcelona honored this blessed pope who chose Barcelona to host the first post-war International Eucharistic Congress at this sight.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Catholic Spain: Missioners to the New World


Pius XII Bus in Madrid

Who would have known? Avenida de Pio XII. Viva il Papa Romano!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Spain's Sacred Soil: Valle de Los Caídos

Know of this sacred place. Located just outside Madrid - a special and sacred place. Thousands of Catholics were killed in Spain during the 1930s - killed by socialists. See here and visit one day on pilgrimage.

Madrid Subway: Pius XII Metro Stop

Who would have known? God bless Catholic Spain...and santo subito!

Where to Buy a Mantilla

Madrid - lovely selection of mantillas seen here and there in local shops.

Catholic Madrid

Many of the streets in this lovely capital city are still named after saints.

Many Thanks for the New Camera, Team!

Prayer and penance from the WYD AD MMXI!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back in Business: First Shot from the New Camera

Guys, thank you to all for the new camera!

Warriors from across the globe gave and today a new and better camera was purchased.

Thanks! To all! And for the prayers. You know who you are - shine forever in heaven and be blessed upon this earth!

Divine providence has a hand in all things. You share in this ministry.

Internet is and can be an apostolate. And we need more priests (and laymen) to do more full-time Internet ministry.

Truly, thanks to everybody and thank you for enjoying this blog effort. Small as it is, more Catholic photos must be provided and uploaded to the Internet.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Camera Stolen at WYD

Today, for the first time ever, yours truly got his camera stolen.

The camera, and 800 pics, gone.

Included were three priceless photos of Polish sisters at the WYD.

It was at a restaurant. I think it was a waiter. With our translator, I complained to the management. The small room was full of pilgrims. I doubt a pilgrim stole it. I think I know which waiter it might have been. Our hands were tied.

God has a plan.

My camera does not leave my side. I take every precaution. I had it on the table at my side.

I am a poor man and am here for free as a tour guide with a group. Even our meals are free as registered pilgrims.

If anybody wants to give 500 euro for a new camera I will love you forever.

The Lord has a plan. And part of it is our own sanctification. Pain, suffering and let down is essential.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Today in Madrid began the World Youth Day AD MMXI.

An honor to be here. Laus Deo!

Pray, fast and do penance for its success.

But just an observation: the opening Mass was in Spanish. Why?

1.5 million pilgrims from across the globe at an international, Latin rite Mass.

But no Latin, because Latin is bad. And you are bad if you want it.

Note to our bishops: stop the polemic against Latin in the Latin rite. And give us what is ours.

Monday, August 15, 2011

World Youth Day AD 2011 Forces In Rome and Now To Madrid!

Craftsmanship Seen Today in the Vatican

Roma Termini/Rome Terminus

"All roads lead to Rome."

From the Vatican: Catholic T-Shirts

Vatican Trash Can

Rome Water: Dalle Campagne Romane

Dawn Today

Augustinians in the Vatican

Sacristan of the Sistine Chapel

Summer in the Vatican: Coca-Cola

God bless America.

Ugly Art At the Vatican

Postmodern art is often sexually ambivalent. Obsessed with the naughty parts, this is what we get and sorry to see it in the Vatican, too.

Here can be seen what looks to be a birth canal. On the other door, not seen here, is an apparent male member extending from the upper section of the door.

Cecco Bonanotte, an Italian "artist", made these doors in 1999 and since then these have been the main entrance to the Vatican Museums where each year some 3,000,000 persons pass.

Pray and do penance.