Friday, July 30, 2010

Rome Summer Fun

Forever Tiara

Rome's San Giovanni neighborhood.

Rome Mail Box: "Scripta"

Medieval Rome

San Clemente.

Signature of Enrico Cardinal Dante

Greatest papal master of ceremonies of the twentieth century.

The Sixties Revolution Wounded Catholic Life

"Contro ogni regola" (against every rule).

Photo was taken across the street from the Vatican.

Postmodern Art is Not Compatible with Catholic Theology

Rome chapel.

Like Oscar Wilde once said: "Bad art is worse than no art at all."

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rome Quotes

"An abortion kills the life of a baby after it has begun. It is dangerous to your life and health. It may make you sterile so that when you want a child you cannot have it."

-"Plan Your Children", Planned Parenthood pamphlet, 1962

From Ancona: Heart of Pius II

You never know what you will find in Catholic Italy: in 2005 I walked over this floor in Ancona.

The heart of Pope Pius II is located here behind the main altar of the cathedral. 

He died there while waiting for the kings of Europe to unite and respond to his call to send relief to to Greece which had been overrun by the Turks.

Thanks, Evan!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Catholic Culture: Scouts

French scouts in the Vatican.

"We feel greatly consoled when We see this same French people increasing its zeal and affection for the Holy See in proportion as that See is abandoned - We should rather say warred with upon earth."

-Pope Leo XIII (Au Milieu des Sollicitudes).

Leading Rome Tours for Christendom Students

Send your kids to study here:

Christendom students are the finest college students I've yet given a tour to in Rome.

If they asked me to direct their Rome program I would first request to hear Mass and then accept in a heartbeat.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Reading in Rome

"It will change your life.  This is one of the few most important books a Catholic can buy and read today."  -Yours Truly

Vatican City Piazza

I will always remember the moment when after Midnight Mass Christmas morning a.D. 1999 Pope John Paul II drove by in this piazza and gave a wave to the few of us standing there in utter awe.

Angelus Domini: Bells of the Vatican Basilica

Sunday afternoon glory with the 11 giants.

Catholic Culture: St. Christopher Day Garden Party

Feast of St. Christopher garden party in Catholic Italy.

Start this summer tradition with your own family.

Clergy Shoes

If you would like to know more about the shoes of the Pope and clergy, visit here:

Thanks, Dieter!

Pectoral Cross Cords

See here:

Thanks, Dieter!

Chalice of Don Bosco


Altar Missal of Don Bosco


Altar Card of Don Bosco


Pontificia Universitas Urbaniana

Pontifical Urban College:

From the Roman Sacristy: How It's Done (Ad Sacra and Ad Profana)

Roman Basilica of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva.

The Dominicans know how to do it.

Have two such little signs made and put them on either side of the sink in your sacristy.

A good reminder that there is a difference between the sacred and the profane.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

From Castel Gandolfo: Summer Swim

Having been raised in the North Star State, it is always a joy to swim in a crisp wooded lake.

Castel Gandolfo Honors Pius XII

From Castel Gandolfo: Tiara in Communion Rail

Church of St. Thomas of Villanova.

Is this a Tiara?

Vatican Museums courtesy of Pope Sixtus V.

Islam in the Vatican

Photo taken today in St. Peter's Square.

Christopher Columbus called it the "sect of Mahomet."  He was not a big fan.

Meanwhile we have killed our own future with contraception and abortion and now the easy and cheap remedy is immigration of Third World whomever.

Make abortion illegal and save what's left of our civilization before it is too late.

From Rome: Third Order Franciscans

Lay Franciscans who live in Assisi.

Hidden Soul

Where to Get a Nanny Job in Rome

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cardinal Enrico Dante Magnvs

Dedication of New Venerable Pius XII Garden with Statue Near Rome

Cardinal Sodano dedicates convent garden near Rome and names it: "Garden of Pius XII and of the Just of the World."

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dedication of New Venerable Pius XII Statue Near Rome

Santuario di Santa Maria della Visitazione in Santa Marinella, near Rome.

Dedication of New Venerable Pius XII Statue Near Rome

Statue commissioned for the convent garden of the order of the Sisters Ancelle della Visitazione located in Santa Marinella, north of Rome.  Statue created in Rome by Sicilian artist Renato Palella.

Family of Pius XII

Here are some members of the Pacelli family along with some friends including Sr. Margherita Marchione who came for the dedication of the new statue of Venerable Pius XII in the resort town of Santa Marinella.

Deo Uni Et Trino Dicatum

Roma Beata.

Christopher Columbus Seen in Vatican

Musei Vaticani.

A great Catholic admiral.

With 120  men and thanks to Queen Isabella of Castile he set out.

They landed on the island of San Salvador.

The first Mass in the New World was celebrated on the island of Haiti.

The Lord is merciful.

Rome Quotes

"The Church Itself, by reason of Its marvellous extension, Its eminent holiness and Its inexhaustible fruitfulness in every good thing, Its Catholic unity and Its invincible stability, is a great and perpetual motive of credibility, and an irrefutable witness of Its own divine mission."

-Vatican I

Monday, July 19, 2010


North Africa in the footsteps of St. Augustine.

Our Lady of Victory Chapel

Yours truly grew up playing here as a boy.

We used to swing on the willow tree as kids.  Last year I made a visit and saw the willow tree no longer standing.  St. Kate's, please plant a new one in its place!

Capitoline Hill

S.P.Q.R. tapestries.

Roman Rite

See here:

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Catholic Way: In Latin

Reggie's Latin outside the entrance to the Sistine Chapel.

Rome Tomb of Borromini

San Giovanni dei Fiorentini.

Scala Regia (Royal Staircase)

Apostolic Palace.

The new granite floor was put in under Pius XI.

They used to ride horses up and down here.

When I see this image I think of the hundreds of times I have flown down these stairs in rapid strides after exiting the packed Cappella Sistina.

Apostolic Palace

A bit sad and lonely without the Pope.  Happens every summer.  The windows of the papal apartment on the top floor are closed until his return.

Iron Works: Church of Sts. Michele and Magno

Rev. Fab. San Pietro.

Iron Works: St. Peter's Square

Rev. Fab. San Pietro