Saturday, March 31, 2012

Historic Photo of New FSSP Parish in Ottawa

Church of Sainte-Anne, seen back in the day.

Yours truly came across this rare photo at the city archives.

Next to the historic church can be seen the old parish hall, since torn down.

The parish was founded in 1873 and the church was completed in 1874. At that time there were some 3,500 parishioners, some 600 families.

The first parish priest, from France, also constructed the old parish hall, seen here.

In a diocesan book published in 1998, Planted by Flowing Water, we read, "This hall became the meeting place of French Canadians for more than a century." Further, of the rectory, we read, "His large presbytery frequently served as the meeting place of the French-Canadian religious and lay elite of the day." And, "Each year, well-known speakers led the Lenten retreat." The same book describes the stained glass windows in the church as, "among the most beautiful in Canada."

This year, by the grace of God, the nearby FSSP parish of St. Clement will be moving here, to this fine new location. Sadly, the old parish hall was demolished in the 1960s, along with the entire neighborhood, thanks to a vast urban development project of the then city planners, who gambled in a quick bid to "renew" the city's oldest neighborhood, and failed by all accounts.

St. Clement's, until 1984, celebrated Mass in the chapel of the Sisters of the Monastery of the Precious Blood, on Echo Drive. In 1984, they moved into a church on Albion Road, Gloucester, and in 1993 the community moved to its present location, the former parish of St. Pius X, a modern church located on Mann Ave.

We all look forward to the move and thank His Grace, the Archbishop of Ottawa, for His generosity and paternal solicitude.

Catholic Culture: Via Crucis on Fridays in Lent


Catholic Culture: Veiling Statues Last Two Weeks of Lent


Friday, March 30, 2012

Canadian Chocolate in Latin

The motto of the Canada Council for the Arts:

Excellentiae in Artibus Causa

(for excellence in the arts).

De Christianis in Aegypto Defendendis

Rome Quotes

"Continueremo a servire Pio XII."


Is this Anti-Catholic?

Visit the National Gallery of Canada and you will notice, besides the European Art section, a lot of worthless 1960s esto perpetua art.

Walk by the front of the building, and you will notice this odd scene.

In the background is the Roman Catholic Cathedral Basilica of Ottawa, Notre-Dame. In the foreground is a "pregnant" spider, placed here in 2005.

Any modicum of restraint, eh?

The egregious inequality is always laughable. Would this same beast be placed by the City in front of the mosque at Tunney's Pasture? Er, um, no.

I complained to an employee of the museum who responded with a diffident laugh, "Oh, yeah, the spider is pregnant. And by an American to boot."

For your information, its name is "Maman" ("Mother").

Read about it here:

Go, Stephen Woodworth!

My second article for the LifeCanada Journal...


By JP Sonnen

OTTAWA, March 9, 2012 ( - A Canadian member of Parliament, MP Steven Woodworth, has filed a historic motion in the House of Commons calling for a special committee to consider when human life begins. He proposes to confine the evidence strictly to the issue of the humanity of the unborn infant.

Section 223 of Canada’s Criminal Code, a 400-year-old provision inherited from British common law, states that a child only becomes a “human being” once he or she has fully proceeded from the womb.

As the enlightened minority opinion takes pains to explain, the scientific evidence is mounting relentlessly to establish more and more clearly that the human unborn is a person in its own right and that the issue, far from being settled, demands a broader ruling.

“This outdated law has turned into one of the most artful legal evasions of all time, a world-class circumlocution,” said Ottawa grad student, Ann Johnson. “We cannot remain in the state of biologic art of the Middle Ages. Thankfully this has now come under scrutiny. Today we have ultrasound.”

Ultrasound, or sonography, is a medial success story of the 1970s, ranking with fetal heart monitoring, transplant immunology and CAT scanning. It is a diagnostic method which relies on the use of high frequency sound waves passing through the body and giving off echoes as the sound waves hit various tissues of different densities. Watching a realtime ultrasound one can see a continuous projection of the ultrasonic images as a motion picture, revealing the tiny heart coiling and thrusting from between 18-24 days from conception.

“With these technologies,” continues Johnson, “The stage of prenatality finally emerges from the ultrasound shadows – convincing enough for most of us in science but apparently still not sufficiently convincing for the other side. If the suspect unborn creature looks like us, if it has the same metabolism and reproductive compatibility with us, if it responds to the same stimuli, if its organs are identical to ours, then there is a reasonable probability that it is one of us.”

This same theme was taken up by Dr. Bernard Nathanson in The Abortion Papers. Dr. Nathanson, a graduate of the McGill University Medical College in Montreal, was the former director of the largest abortion clinic in the Western World, the Center for Reproductive and Sexual Health. He writes, “In other years, much of the mystique of birth, and therefore the mistaken belief that life begins at birth, was the reality that we knew virtually nothing about the baby before birth, not even such a seemingly simple and certainly fundamental fact as its sex. Now with the masses of information we have of the baby before it is born, especially the certain knowledge of its sex, the mystery of prenatality is dispelled, and once and for all the myth of life beginning at birth should be entombed forever.”

Nathanson continues, “Incidentally, not only can we now ascertain the sex of the baby prenatally with ultrasound, but we now have positive information that female babies can ovulate while still in the uterus. Though it is not a common phenomenon, even the notion that it can happen while the female baby is still unborn is astonishing. It is yet another piece in the increasingly undeniable picture of the unborn child as one of us.”

With this window into the prenatal word, the irrefutable scientific data mounts which demonstrates that the unborn is a person in the law. The endless judicial review and interminable legal wrangling must begin, many argue, invariably ending with the highest courts’ determination that for all practical purposes society does not endorse the taking of human life, even at the prenatal stage, no matter the provocation.

Reactions are mixed. “I do not feel this case will be decided as it should be, purely on its bio-ethical merits, “complained one Ottawa student who wished to remain anonymous. “What about the money? The redoubtable economic clout of the physicians and entrepreneurs of the abortion industry? Or the shrill keening of the liberal media? The endless disputation on the exact nature of the prenatal human will sadly continue.”

Natalie Hudson, executive director for LifeCanada was quick to respond to critics, “The stark reality is that prenatal human life is being destroyed on an unimaginably vast scale in Canada. Motion 312 is a question of biological reality and not of political rights. The politically neutral scientific data has spoken and supports the concept of prenatality as one of the many passages in our lives. For sentient human beings to deny that life begins when sperm penetrates egg is to deny that the earth is round or that blood circulates.”

Hudson continues, “Given the general state of ignorance of the discipline of fetology at the time – 400 years ago – we can indeed almost exonerate the lawmakers of English common law. We are wiser now by virtue of ultrasound and fetoscopy and today we better understand the core issue in the abortion controversy – the definition of the nature of the unborn infant.”

You can sign the petition in support of Motion 312 here.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cardinal Wojtyla in 1967

The same year the ferriolone was sadly made no longer a requirement for papal audiences.

Cardinal Pacelli in Washington, D.C.

October 22, 1936.

Cardinal Pacelli in Cappa Magna in New York City

October 11, 1936.

Papal Duchess Genevieve Brady with Cardinal Pacelli in New York

Precious Vestments

What the Sedia Gestatoria Looks Like

Beyond the cavil, this is gorgeous.

What I Saw Today

A woman on the bus praying the rosary.

Such a sight to behold.

That we may all be like her.

Thank You, Lord, for giving this woman the grace!

The Way It Is by Michael Voris

The Church was cajoled way too quickly into giving up the Latin.

Vernacular yes, BUT ALSO LATIN.

Latin rite youth are asking: "Why should our liturgical inheritance continue to be desuetude?"

Rome Quotes

"The Christian is far more pagan than he knows; the pagan is more Christian than he admits."

-Rosalind Murray

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

E-Mail Received in Latin

Carissime amice,

Agam in Urbe dies septimos (de 9 usque ad 16 aprilis).

Possumusne competere?

Addictus in Christo Rege
et in Maria semper Virgine,

cl. Bartholomaeus C. J. K.

Rome Quotes

"Un caro e fraterno abbraccio nel nome di Pio XII!"


The Liturgical Intellectual: Gregory di Pippo

An endangered species, to be sure, but there is hope.

The Church has produced, in recent decades, many of what I call "heuristic" "liturgists."

Luckily, this chapter is fast closing as we now witness a return to authentic liturgical scholarship.

This scholarship adheres to the most punctilious standards of academic exposition, as seen on the New Liturgical Movement blog.

You can read Gregory's fine works on the NLM site.

Happy birthday, Greg!

Rome Quotes

"I hope you always be good and pious as you are today."

-Pope Pius XII (to seven-year-old Teddy Kennedy on the occasion of his First Holy Communion in the Vatican on Wednesday, March 15, 1939).

First Communion Veils

Keep this tradition alive:

Sketching Catholic Images

A Little Humour Now and Then

Image from the Internet.

Iron Lady

Margaret Thatcher with the Pope.

The Moiré Papal Soutane

Here you can see the collar.

Pope John Paul II wore the papal moiré soutane once, his first day on the job. Benedict has never worn it.

Bishop Sheen in Precious Mitre

Karsh wedding in 1962.

The Old Great Seal of Canada: in Latin

Ministry to Men: How It's Done

September 19, 1948. Midnight Mass. With the Pope. In Latin. Hosted by Catholic Action. For men. With St. Peter's blazing. In glory.

Rome Quotes

"The only recorded time in the history of Our Lord that He ever sang was the night He went out to the Garden of Gethsemane and His Death."

-Bishop Sheen

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Paul VI in the Papal Throne

The Papal Throne in St. Peter's Basilica

Bring Back the Old Papal Throne

It was only set up a few times each year, but it sure was a sight to see.

Apostolorum Princeps, Petre, Pro Nobis Intercede!

"Pastor et Nauta" -St. Malachy

From the Venetian rowing boat, the gondola, he arrived from the Canal of San Marco to the See of Blessed Peter.

Inside the Vatican Apostolic Palace

Sede Vacante a.D. 1958.

In Sancti Petri Cathedra: the Cathedra of the Pope

Seen at the Archbasilica of St. John Lateran.

Pontificalis apex veneratur jure cathedrae, quam primum meritis Petrus conscendit herilis.

What to Say When You Meet the Pope: "Salve, Sancte Petre!"

Mitis ovium Ecclesiae pastor, palmes verae vitis, fructum fers justitiae.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Vote for an Authentic Catholic: Go Rick!

Finally, we have a decent Catholic running for the highest office in the nation.

He has ringingly supported the Church's moral teachings in season and out of season.

We support our own and we support him. Catholics vote pro-life. Hail to the Chief!

Reminds one of the 1928 candidacy for president of the Catholic Governor Al Smith, when the media used anti-Catholicism as the theme of their attack.

The still tender lesions of that attack on the American political corpus are felt even today. Meanwhile, the media continues with their same old splenetic anti-Catholic smear.

Rome Quotes

"They alone are able truly to enjoy this world, who begin with the world unseen. They alone enjoy it, who have abstained from it...they alone inherit it, who take it as a shadow of the world to come, who for that world to come relinquish it."


Cardinal Dante: Santo Subito

Cardinal Dante: Santo Subito

Cardinal Dante: Santo Subito

Cardinal Dante: Santo Subito

Cardinal Dante: Santo Subito

Cardinal Dante: Santo Subito

Cardinal Dante: Santo Subito

Papal Saturno

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Note to Bishops

"Seven times the night before Our Lord died, He told His disciples that they would be hated by the world. When we get on too well with the world, there must be something wrong with us."

-Bishop Sheen

JP II in Roman Style Vestments

Ks. Karol Wojtyla celebrates Usus Antiquior.

J XXIII Celebrates Low Mass in Extraordinary Form

Catholic Africa

Black is beautiful.

Pope Paul VI in Precious Mitre

Pope John XXIII in Precious Mitre

Angel Card. Roncalli.

Vatican II on the HHS Mandate

"Many people assert that it is absolutely necessary for population growth to be radically reduced everywhere or at least in certain nations. They say this must be done by every possible means and by every kind of government intervention. Hence this Council exhorts all to beware against solutions contradicting the moral law, solutions which have been promoted publicly or privately, and sometimes actually imposed. For in view of the inalienable human right to marry and beget children, the question of how many children should be born belongs to the honest judgement of parents. The question can in no way be committed to the decision of government. Now since the judgement of the parents supposes a rightly formed conscience, it is highly important that everyone be given the opportunity to practice upright and truly human responsibility. This responsibility respects the divine law and takes account of circumstances and the times. It requires that educational and social conditions in various places be changed for the better, and especially that religious instruction or at least full moral training be provided. Human beings should also be judiciously informed of scientific advances in the exploration of methods by which spouses can be helped in arranging the number of their children. The reliability of these methods should be adequately proven and their harmony with the moral order should be clear."

-Vatican Council II (GS, 87).

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pope John Paul II in Precious Mitre

In Sistine Chapel, 1978.

Pro-Abortion Catholic Politicians

The antinomy of pro-abortion Catholic politicians is new and this man led the charge. He is the Catholic who brought abortion to Canada in 1969, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. He has been called the Ted Kennedy of Canada. Actually, two Catholic politicians brought abortion to Canada, Pierre Trudeau and John Turner. The passing of the Trudeau-Turner bill proved the darkest moment in Canadian history.

Drawing the Arms of a Pope


The Living Mass

Catholic Culture: Requiem Cards

Omnia Pro Te Cor Jesu.

The Lost Art of Gorgeous Handwriting