Monday, November 17, 2014

International Conference on Complementarity Opens in the Vatican

The first day of The International Interreligious Colloquium on The Complementarity of Man and Woman in Vatican City was attended by about 350 academic, religious, and civil society leaders from over 14 religions and 23 countries.

See their site in English:

Participants listened to an unprecedented array of prominent speakers, beginning with Pope Francis, speaking about the reality of the complementary relationship between men and women as it is lived in the world, and the role of this union in God’s divine plan.
Two of six films part of The Humanum Series were screened today to attendees. These explored the ancient, organic and timeless design of man and woman in The Destiny of Humanity: On the Meaning of Marriage, and the family’s role in humanity as The Cradle of Life and Love: A Mother and Father for the World's Children. The remaining four short films will be screened over the next two days at the colloquium, and released online.  

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  1. The good guys fight back after the Synod was hijacked by Forte and Kasper.