Saturday, December 31, 2011

Te Deum at Midnight: Happy New Year A.D. MMXII!

How to Say Happy New Year in Latin

"Felix Annus Novus."

Abortion Services in Ottawa

Canada without abortion. By choice.

Photo taken in Ottawa.

Remember that numerous alternatives to abortion exist:

Abortion: one dead and one wounded.

Life is the better choice.

Get Your Latin Chair Here

Cardinal Wojtyla in the New World

Ottawa, September 1, 1969. The day my parents were married.

Catholic Culture: Twelve Days of Christmas

5 golden rings (5 sacred wounds of the Passion of Christ).

Catholic Explorers: Samuel Champlain

Ottawa statue:

Episcopal Manse


Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

A giant of the xxth century:

Remember to always pray for the Royal Family.

Might the Queen in celebration record a commemorative booklet with photos of her memories/impressions of her papal audiences?

Rome Quotes

"Riti antichi a Roma (Trinita' dei Pellegrini) per fine anno e inizio 2012."

-Redazione Messainlatino

Treasury of the Vatican Basilica

Where the toys are kept. Needless to say, would be nice to see more of these still used today.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Rome Quotes

"You may have the universe if I may have Italy."

-Giuseppe Verdi

Tiara: Indispensable Symbol of Papal Primacy

Vatican Celebrations: Bring Back the Illumination of St. Peter's

St. Peter's illuminated by oil lamps which were lit by hand, within minutes, by the sanpietrini.

The expenses of the illumination on this occasion were borne by Ireland.

The Vatican used to do this for special occasions such as canonizations.

Bring Back the Moiré Mantelletta

Exhumation of Pope St. Pius X

Foto Felici has the pics.

One of the Last Photos Taken of Pius XII: A Saint In Our Midst

At Castel Gandolfo, in his bathrobe.

Last Photo Taken of Living Pius XII: the Passing of a Saint

An inappropriate, and in many ways unique, photo taken by the personal physician of Pius XII, Dr. Riccardo Galeazzi-Lisi, just before the Holy Father passed away. This and other such images were sold to the press by the same troubled doctor.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last Photo Taken of Ven. Pius XII

Photo Keystone. In the photo can be seen Dr. Riccardo Galeazzi-Lisi as he took one last look, along with the sediari, before the casket was closed and lowered down into the confessio of the Vatican Basilica for burial in the crypt.

Rick Santorum for President

This guy has my vote:

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Feast of the Holy Innocents: Innocentes Pro Christo Infantes Occisi Sunt

Truly, a pro-life day of remembrance.

Ss. Innocentis Martyri Bethlehem: fourth day in the octave of Christmas.

Collect: "O God, whose praise the martyred Innocents on this day confessed, not by speaking, but by dying..."

Pray for all babies, both born and unborn, to be protected from the snare of fowlers.

Salvete, flores martyrum!

How to Display a Galero in a Cardinal's Suite

Ottaviani: Santo Subito


Pius XII's Altar Boy Valet in White Tie and Tails

His daily Mass, served by his valet.

Where Pius XII Grew Up in Rome: Museo Subito!

Via della Vetrina, 20.

Where Pius XII Was Born in Rome: Museo Subito!

Via degli Orsini, 34.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Manger Scene

Makes a great wedding present.

Mum always said it was good to get a set which the kids could, with reason, play with.

Catholic Culture: Christmas Parade

Get involved. Too many "holiday" parades these days no longer have reference to the Christ child.

This was the Salvation Army Christmas parade in Ottawa this year - the float seen here was the only reference in the entire parade to Jesus Christ. It was the only Christmas parade in town and thousands of parents came with kids.

This float was sponsored by the local Mormon troop.

If this is your thing, then make a Christmas float for your local parade and carry the torch for the presence of Christ: lux lucet in tenebris.

Christmas Snow

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Um, it's called a Christmas tree.

Laughable, and dumb.

First, a "holiday tree" and now a "tree of hope"?

Christmas Stamps

Christmas Dinner

Warm family memories.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Catholic Prelate: Christmas Message

This is how it's done. Nice to see how capable he is behind the camera; a natural at newscasting. The Church has need of more fine bishops such as this.

Urbi et Orbi: To the City and To the World

Often, English-language employees of Rome Reports mispronounce words in the broadcast. In this case, it is the word orbi.

Christian Monarch: Speaking As a Christian Monarch

Finally, her most Christian (Christmas) message yet. God save this noble woman.

Christmas AD 2011

Midnight Mass


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Day: First Mass at Midnight

Merry Christmas!

"Truth exists. The Incarnation happened!"

-Dr. Warren Carroll

Christmas Dinner Traditions

Every nation and land has its own traditions. Ham is what we grew up with. For the poor it was often goose, while for the rich it was often turkey. These days, however, goose is more expensive. Lamb is a treat, too, and duck would be wonderful.

New Years Resolution?

Begin to pray the Breviary, in the original Latin:

Famous Original Print of Pius XII Portrait by Karsh of Ottawa

Cathedral of Ottawa.

Christmas Stamps

American Papal Knight

A proud tradition. A fine honor. Almost the highest honor for a Catholic layman. A Knight of St. Gregory, seen in Ohio. Thanks, guys!

Pope Given New Ultimate Book on Papal Liturgies from German Liturgical Scholar Ulrich Nersinger

December 21, 2011.

Photo courtesy of l'Osservatore Romano.

A fabulous read in German, this is volume two now available from:

This is volume one available from the same:

A must for any seminary library. This scholarship is truly a breakthrough.

Rome Quotes

"His [Blessed John Paul II's] final act every evening was to look out his bedroom window at Rome, which was by now all lit up, and give the city his blessing. And with that sign of the cross over 'his' city, he would close the day and go to sleep."

-His Eminence Stanislaw Dziwisz

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Card in Latin

Real Catholic TV Attacked by the Establishment

See here:

Today is the age of the laity and that's just the way it is.

Once I heard a young priest rejoice: "Any positive initiative in the Church today is coming from the laity."

So why make a fuss?

Yes, investigative reporting is the name of the game today. Big surprise.

And what about the scourge of corruption in the Catholic Church? And how to cure that? Well, you expose it, right? Er, wait, that might hurt peoples feelings.

Has there been corruption in U.S. chanceries in recent years? Well gee, do you think?

Every teenage kid these days has a smart phone that takes HD video and sound. Watch out cause we all have to be accountable and the world is watching.

It appears that Real Catholic TV has been faithful to its vocation of religiously defending the truths divinely delivered and of resisting those who oppose them.

By the way, twice in Rome I had the honor to meet Michael Voris, the former altar boy of Bishop Sheen, and the guy is a super star.

Feel free to make a Christmas donation here:

Catholic Culture: Advent Wreath


O Felix Roma!

A must for only 10 Euro:


Once yours truly had the pleasure to meet and shake hands with this cute little baby all grown up, Caroline.

Jackie in Mantilla

Gorgeous Catholic culture.

Vatican Protocol Dress for Women: Abito Scuro

Vatican protocol prescribed by tradition: lovely appearance and deportment with long, shoulder-to-floor black dress with lovely black lace mantilla.

Pray For Her Conversion

And to understand it all, just read Christopher Dawson.