Monday, June 30, 2014

Great Gift Ideas for Priests

Excellent gifts...

Excellent prices...

Excellent craftsmanship...

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Catholic Culture: Catholic Philanthropist

Maronite John Nasseff is one of the finest and most interesting Catholic gentlemen you will ever meet.  As a kid I often saw him in downtown St. Paul.  Always with a smile.  He constructed the new Maronite parish in Minneapolis in 1999.  He is a pious, saintly, and generous man.  Now in his 90th year, the Lord reward him a thousandfold.   

He just donated 10 million dollars to my alma mater... 

"Nasseff was one of seven children of Lebanese immigrants who settled on St. Paul's West Side. He started working at West Publishing in 1946 unloading boxcars and sweeping floors. He rose quickly by suggesting ways the legal publisher could save money on its printing operations, and he invested in company stock. When West was sold and he retired as a vice president in 1996, his share was worth about $175 million. Since then, he has been giving it away." 


Jim Caviezel - Inspirational Video

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summertime in Rome

Roman Sunshine

Pray for Your Priests: Living and Deceased

Image from Facebook. 

Vatican Fire Hose

A pic you would only see on this blog. 

70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Rome

Photo taken on June 4, 1944. 

Once yours truly gave a tour of the Vatican Museums to one of these soldiers.  It was his first return to Rome since June of '44.  He was from the UK, in a wheelchair, an elderly man with a beard.  It was a Monday morning.  I had to push him up the hill in the rain on our way into the Vatican.  He kept apologizing.  I stopped and said: "It is an honor.  THANK YOU, sir, for your service in the name of liberty and freedom for all men."  Honestly, it was the most enjoyable tour I ever led.

Rome Scene

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Giving Directions in the Vatican

Sunflowers in Lazio

On your train ride from Rome to the port of Rome. 

Here you can see the sea on the horizon. 

Giving Directions in Rome

Where to Stay in Rome

Casa Per Ferie Santa Maria alle Fornaci...

Just a few minutes walk to the Vatican.  Quiet neighborhood.  And, you get a continental breakfast.  

Yours truly had relatives stay here.  A great place for a cheap price. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Pray for the Popes

Image from Facebook.

"Popes, mere mortal creatures, pass away, but the Papacy, a divine institution, abides, peacefully stable, firm upon its Rock."

-Cardinal Cushing 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ronald Reagan on Liberals

Knights of Columbus Monuments: The Innocent Victims of Abortion

Hats off to the K of C who put up these nice monuments at parishes across world. 

It is never okay to willfully take the life of an innocent human being.

These monuments help in creating awareness, as well as assisting in the healing process for many.

Always speak up for those with no voice and you will be doing the work of Christ.  

Pius XII's Last Car Ride

On his way to Castel Gandolfo. 

The end was near.

See his sanctity.

He raises his hand in blessing.

Salesians of Don Bosco

In Italy you see many Salesian parishes. 

Yours truly has fine memories visiting the Salesian parish in the port of Rome.

Where you have a Salesian parish, you know there will also be nice sports fields / play area for the youth of the parish adjoining the property. 

Read more to learn of this fine order:

Italian Summer Beer: Peroni

When you order a beer in Rome, you drink Peroni. 

Summer in Rome

Faithful Praying at the Tomb of Venerable Pius XII

Always an honor to pray here. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Thou Art Priest AND Victim

The nature of the priesthood. 

The Cross...and Resurrection.

Prayers for Fr. Walker, FSSP

May his memory be eternal.

Pray for the protection of our priests.  

On May 9, in the small northern Alberta city of St. Paul, Fr. Gilbert Dasna answered the door at his rectory.  Shot in the chest, he died soon after.  The Church mourned.

Now, Fr. Ken Walker, 28, also shot dead in his rectory.  The Church mourns.

Pray for priests.  The Lord protect and preserve them.

We pray a greater good will come from this tragedy.

In the crest you see the three tears of St. Peter, the three times he denied Christ.

See here for the story of this crime and pray for the speedy apprehension of the criminal:

Pray for the Popes

Abortion Isn't Just a Religious Issue

A Little Humor Now and Then

Prayers for the Canonization

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Knights of Columbus Insurance

For all your insurance needs, I recommend this field agent, a longtime friend from Rome.

When yours truly first arrived in Rome for graduate studies and was homeless, he took me in.  I call him the American Belloc.  A fine man, he now lives in the USA with his wife and children.

See here for the insurance needs of you and your family. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sign Up and Join Us

I invite all readers to join us on one of two extraordinary trips to Italy.

Reminder to get your deposits in early to secure your spot.

We are excited to offer these tours which are great opportunities for a Catholic experience.

The Fr. Z tour will be in October while the Amalfi tour will be in September.

Both are fine opportunities to see Rome and the Vatican.

Join us and experience the fullest.   

See here for details: