Thursday, August 30, 2018

Pray the Ruined Walsingham Abbey Will Be Returned to Catholic Hands

This great shrine must be restored to its rightful owners.  

Catholic Pilgrimages

Orbis Catholicus Travel Group Photo on Pilgrimage in Mexico City

A wonderful pilgrimage!  Many thanks to everyone who made this great trip possible.  The spiritual graces will be felt for a lifetime! 

Restore the Friary at Walsingham!

Pray this property stolen from the Catholic Church during Henry VIII's anti-Catholic land grab will be rightfully restored and the monastery complex rebuilt to minister to pilgrims on the way of the "holy mile". 

Archdiocese of Vancouver

How to teach the Roman Rite to a new generation  -- introduce Solemn Sung Mass at Cathedrals.  Manky thanks to all the organizers and volunteers - the event was most edifying. 

The Purification Begins in the House of God: Noi Siamo con Mons. ViganĂ²!

Our hero and mentor Fr. Robert Altier shares his thoughts on the sex abuse cover-up (agenda):