Friday, March 23, 2012

The Abortion Cataclysm: Picket in Front of the Death Camps

History has known one slaughterous ideology after another. Meanwhile, the media dithers on about how wonderful abortion is.

Abortioneering can even be seen in the sight of the Confederation Building next to the Parliament of Ottawa, where this photo was taken.

This downtown abortion mill, located at 65 Bank Street, was opened by the Eastern European abortophile, Henry Morgenthaler.

The saintly man you see in the photo prays here each day in this wind tunnel on Ottawa's favorite street, Bank St.

Pro-abortionism is strong in Canada thanks in large part to the state-controlled media, a story that will never be told because it is axiomatic that the press controls the press.

Even with the technology of realtime ultrasound, the press will still deny fetal pain. It has been suggested that for starters, a realtime ultrasound ought be a mandatory part of the informed consent for abortion.

Pray and do penance for this abortuary to close.

Abortions are the most egregious medical mistakes of all.

And pray, too, for the covey of doctors who are drunkards, sex deviates, mafia satellites, sadists and assorted incompetents.


  1. I hate abortion, but I think your calling the doctors drunkards, sex deviates et al. is uncharitable and wrong. We must always be charitable. We can all too easily sin ourselves when speaking of sinners.

  2. Thanks to Pierre Trudeau who legalized abortion, never mind the press, although they have a hand in this as well.

  3. I have been saying this for years! Abortion is a transvaginal destructive operation.

  4. "What is the difference between the BBC and the CBC? BBC employees are from Oxford. CBC employees are from Carleton University."