Thursday, March 22, 2012

Latin in the Liturgy

Image from the Internet.


  1. "Oh but John, wasn't Latin banned by Vatican II?!"

    Ha. Ha.

  2. Folks, I am all for Latin and Tradition, but that quote must come from another document or speech, as I can't find it in Bl. John XXIII's Veterum Sapientia

  3. It is in Veterum Sapientia, I have read it before..Perhaps you read a synopsis or mistraslated version..Not only was it written against, Latin was suppressed in almost every parish worldwide. Truly a disgrace. Latin workshops should be available in every single parish so Priests can teach us the part of the Orinary that pertains to us just like Vatican II instructed. Priests ordained without Latin should carry a certain amount of shame in that. They add to its' demise.