Friday, March 16, 2012

The Moiré Biretta


  1. "Bring back the moire Biretta"? - Bring it back from where? Where has it gone?

    Moire was only ever permitted to Cardinals - by whom it is still worn - and to members of the Vatican diplomatic corps - by whom it is still worn!

    I believe that members of a Cardinal's household also had the privilege and that such remains. As the winter biretta has now been abolished, a Cardinal's biretta is always moire. If a Papal Nuncio uses a biretta, then it is still of moire (as shown in the picture - Archbishop Roncalli, Nuncio to Paris, wearing his moire biretta with tuft, showing that he was not a Cardinal - and of course it would have been violet not red, but we can't tell that from the photograph).

    Priests attached to the Diplomatic Corps and those members of a Cardinal's household may still use a moire biretta in black - along with a black moire fascia and zucchetto should they so choose. All of these are easily available for sale at almost all ecclesiastical dress outlets in the Eternal City.

    So, there is no need to bring back the moire biretta, nor the moire zucchetto nor the moire fascia. We still have all of them, as well as the moire Cappa Magna and Ferriola. However, a campaign to bring back the moire soutane, mozzetta and mantelletta would be an excellent idea. See how lovely they look on Blessed Ildefonso Cardinal Schuster
    and again
    Here is Ven. Pius XII as Nuncio Apostolic to Germany
    And finally, with our beloved Caudillo, and saviour of Western Europe from the scourge of Communism (Santo Subito), Generalissimo Francisco Franco, shown at a State Visit to the Vatican with Frederico Cardinal Tedeschini, Archpriest of the Vatican Basilica and Apostolic Dataria

  2. He got schooled and changed the title. =)

    I must say, the moire soutane and mantelleta are overkill IMO. It's absolutely lovely as an accent piece, but having an entire garment made of it is just gaudy. I'll admit of one exception: the white moire papal soutane, which I believe John has been good enough to post before. It's a tad more muted/stylish in white.

  3. I have never seen the moire biretta worn by any members of the CD.

  4. Anonymous 3/16/12 12:29 ....
    So CAMPY!