Friday, March 30, 2012

Is this Anti-Catholic?

Visit the National Gallery of Canada and you will notice, besides the European Art section, a lot of worthless 1960s esto perpetua art.

Walk by the front of the building, and you will notice this odd scene.

In the background is the Roman Catholic Cathedral Basilica of Ottawa, Notre-Dame. In the foreground is a "pregnant" spider, placed here in 2005.

Any modicum of restraint, eh?

The egregious inequality is always laughable. Would this same beast be placed by the City in front of the mosque at Tunney's Pasture? Er, um, no.

I complained to an employee of the museum who responded with a diffident laugh, "Oh, yeah, the spider is pregnant. And by an American to boot."

For your information, its name is "Maman" ("Mother").

Read about it here:


  1. I would say that is a great visual on how the beast of Satan is always watching the Church, and seeking her ruin and seeking the ruin of souls. We must be always on our watch. St. Michael, protect us!

  2. To say the least, it is in definite bad taste.