Friday, March 16, 2012

JPII Showing How It's Done in 1976

Lolek Wojtyla looking sharp in moiré ferriolone.


  1. Must have been during the summer, because i saw him at the Eucharistic Congress in Philadelphia in August of that year. I went on a bus trip with people from the [then] two Polish parishes in my Upstate NY city. I'm not one bit Polish, but a friend of mine at the time invited me to come with her.

    The priest who led our group, I found out some years later, was a classmate of Cardinal Wojtyla's in the clandestine seminary of Krakow!

    And when the Cardinal was elected Pope two years later, I remember saying to my mother a day or two after the election, 'Hey, I know who he is-I saw him in Philadelphia!'

    Was that ever a surprise!

    Neat photos of him in the 'moire ferriolone'!

    Barb in NY