Saturday, December 26, 2009

Queen Elizabeth II Christmas Message of 2009

Um, maybe someone forgot to mention that "Jesus is the reason for the season":



  2. How old is she now? 100?

  3. So much for the "fidei defensor" she never was!

  4. Oh cut her some slack. It's not as if she asked for her position.

    Who here is one of her subjects anyway? I am, and think she does an alright job...

    ...though, thatnotwithstanding, I didn't see all of the speech.

  5. Her Majesty is not afraid to mention the things of God in her Christmas message to her Subjects.

    Protestant to the core she may be, but she is sincere and often mentions Almighty God, prayer, the Holy Bible and how important her faith is to her in the execution of her duties and her dealings with her loyal Subjects.

    God help us all when the heir succeeds.

  6. I also am a subject of Her Majesty, and can attest that while THIS year she didn't mention Christ and the Faith, in the previous few years she certainly has. The Queen is one of this nations finest assets, and is herself a devoted Christian, in the low church Anglican tradition. It is not her place to preach, after all: that is for the leaders of the Catholic Church (led by Archbishop Nichols) and her own Anglican Communion (Dr Rowan Williams) to do.

  7. Another subject of Her Majesty here, and I hardly think ageist comments are appropriate (one could make similar comments, heavens forbid, about the Holy Father).

  8. JFK had the right title, "While England Slept."

    She made no mention of Christ in her first TV message in 1957 AND she made no message in her latest TV message in 2009.

    She is asleep while Great Britain becomes less and less Christian with each passing year.

    But who cares, Christmas is all about the "diversity of the Commonwealth" and not anything about the Christ.

  9. Anonymous of 2:29:

    I quite clearly recall her alluding to Christian civic duty. Would anything she did please you, though?

  10. Alright; Her Majesty is older than the Holy Father - by a whole 360 days. Big deal !

    However; anyone who has the temerity to question Her Majesty's sincere and deeply held Christianity is merely displaying his/her own profound ignorance. Her faith may not be ours (I speak as a Catholic); but that she has a true Christian Faith, and lives by it, is utterly apparent.

    Certainly none of the Archbishops of Westminster since 1952 has been in any doubt of that; and nor have any of the thousands of other Bishops and Priests - Catholic and otherwise - with whom she has come into contact throughout her reign.

    As to the content of her Christmas message, she gets that one very short speech every year in which to convey her personal thoughts, without them being edited by politicians; and whilst I would always regret the omission of a specifically Christian element, it is certainly untrue - and unfair - to suggest that just because there's no specific mention of the Incarnation in one year she has forgotten it : it's explicit far more often than not.

    I appreciate that having a genuinely Christian head of state may be a cause of envy to some; but I'm not certain that it justifies the sort of sniping that can be seen above.