Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas in Rome: Holiday Cheer in the Air

This cute little gypsy is a friend of mine.  I've watched her grow up.  Every December she appears in and near Campo begging with an open sock for a "coin."  She is a cute little treasure and is always so sweet.  But yours truly has never given any money to a gypsy.  If you want to give to homeless or poor in Rome, instead make a donation to the Missionary Sisters of Charity. 


  1. Hi John,

    Good to see you today. I think it might be edifying - at least to your Roman readers - to hear more about your take on giving money to gypsies. There seems to be a large amount of confusion about how to help the poor, and the gypsies of course present a special case. Another voice of experience always helps.


  2. I always get peeved when I watch travel shows about rome and see the travel guides (rick steves among others) putting change in their baskets as they enter churches. When I was in Rome I noticed that you never would see Gypsy men begging. I asked about that and was told that the men will stay at home drinking and send their wives out to beg, thats why one should support charities because they will actually help not just perpetuate a system that abuses the women and children from that community. I don't know if that is the most accurate discription of what is going on but thats how it was described to me.

  3. John, has the number of gypsies declined? While in Rome in march I saw very few.