Thursday, December 17, 2009

Best Communion Rail in Rome (Cappella Spada of San Girolamo della Carita')

Everybody has a favorite Rome Communion rail, right?  This lovely rail so speaks of Bernini and Borromini. 

This is the Cappella Spada, dedicated to Santa Maria Liberatrice, at San Girolamo della Carita'.

This church had been the titular church of Pietro Card. Palazzini who died in the Holy Year 2000.  But before his passing he arranged for Opus Dei to get the property and today it is one of their Rome chapels.



  1. Today is the titular church of Jorge Cardinal Mejía and the parish pastor is a Catalan, P. Òscar Maixé!

  2. The real tragedy is that it lost its connection with the Oratory. S Girolamo is where the Oratory was founded—St Philip Neri was a priest there (as in fact was Tomas Luis de Victoria, the composer), and founded the Oratory in his rooms which have been turned into a chapel (now very difficult to get to see).