Thursday, December 24, 2009

At 51 Seconds...Viva!


  1. "Evviva"?? Are you crazy?? "Evviva" in italian is "yeah!".

  2. Nicely done, John! You initiated the applause that surely gave His Holiness heart. Class act as ever, J.P. - you are a loyal son of Il Papa.

  3. I saw that clip on AP and I thought it was you,
    I hope the Holy Father wasnt/isnt too shaken
    prayers for him and the nutty woman are needed

  4. I knew it! I thought it might have been you, when I saw the news. :)

    Blessing and greetings from northern Sweden

    Humilis ac devotus in Christo servus
    Sac. Martin

  5. merry christmas JP!!
    you always manage to get front line to all the roman news...
    also on cnn!

  6. According to a online dictionary of Italian, "evviva" can mean "hurrah" and it can also mean "long live".

    As for saying "yeah" or "hurrah", why is that crazy? If the Pope gets up and is unhurt, I think it would be perfectly sensible to say "hurray!" or "yes!"

    Lay off John please.

  7. i KNEW you were there! O:)