Sunday, December 27, 2009

From the Vatican: Heralds of the Gospel


  1. Who are they? Their habits look almost like the TFP ones?

  2. If some of this community is trying to develope into a new traditionalist religious Order or monks (as I have read), I hope they lower their hem to the ground like real monks/friars habits and get rid of those ridiculous boots. That's fine for the part of the Heralds that stay laymen....but for that part which wishes to become a new religious Order...some chages in vesture are in order.

  3. The Heralds were founded by someone who left the TFP and his followers, and they took the design with them.

  4. Well the Pope seems to think otherwise...

    He gave them Papal Approval with less then 5 years of being founded. All three of the the Herald's branches.
    That is three entities of pontifical right.

    There are old orders don't even have that yet because of the Church's wise ways that make things take a long time or because of historical reasons.

    The founder, Monsignor João Clá was named an honorary canon of St.Mary Major, that comes with the title of apostolic protonotary supernumerary and the highest ranking pontifical award, Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice. Perhaps the Pope was wrong according to you? Let him know please!

    They have more vocations coming in then most religious orders.
    Must be because today's youth, crushed by the world's hostility to God and His Church, must have found the boots "ridiculous" and rejected the Devil, the World and the Flesh. Certainly they are not "real monks/friars".

    Read the words of Cardinal when he gave the presented the award
    (I'm not certain about the link though)

    Look at the seminary's blog

    Totally traditional. Totally new.

    Why so much hate instead of joy? Traditionalist order? Or an order is Catholic in the full sense of the word or it is isn't. A charism is not neccesarily going to be a copy of another. Why limit the Holy Spirit? Why be "wiser than the Church"? St. Francis had his critics. The Pope gave his approval and that is that. Centuries later the world still continues to ask for his help.
    Critize and critize because it only hurts you because the Church is invincible. When St. Peter binds on Earth, it is bound in Heaven.

    So what is it exactly that you think the Pope and the Church got all wrong?

  5. Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property.

    See here:

  6. Some news about the Heralds of the Gospel and your favorite university in Rome.
    (At least I hope so...)

  7. Heralds are very unique and Extraordinary religious order ,who spreads true devotion to Eucharistic Jesus and Mary , and they are completely faithful to the pope and to the holy catholic church , they teach only true doctrine ,and do everything in accordance with the megesterium of the church

    they are the messengers send by God for our present times

  8. I'm going to visit them this Thanksgiving break in Brazil, so excited!!!!! :D