Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Catholic Custom: What the "Gentiluomo" Looks Like

Hey, is that Count Enrico Pietro Galeazzi?!

No, but this is a gentiluomo/famiglio/cameriere (in this case a knight of four orders) as seen in Rome at FSSP in Urbe (http://roma.fssp.it/).

The gentiluomo is seen here assisting at Pontifical High Mass sung by a cardinal on Dec. 8 of this year. 

The gentiluomo walks in procession, stands in the sanctuary, at different times bows to the prelate and washes his hands, etc. 

This is a venerable custom of the Church and a fine way to involve the laity.   

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  1. In France they have "le suisse", used normally by the Christ the King Institute.