Monday, October 26, 2009

The Ultimate Book on Clergy Hats: Finally Here!

An astonishing book: 712 pages (9 lbs.) of Catholic beauty.

Hundreds of photos of clerical headgear plus more of lovely extras such as papal rings, dishes and shoes.

Photos taken from the famed Philippi Collection which is the world's largest collection of ecclesiastical headwear.

Worth every cent...

Product Details:
The PHILIPPI collection (87 KB)

Bound hardcover with 712 pages

Protective dust cover and bound-in ribbon bookmark

Language: German

Product Dimensions: 9.6" x 12" (open: 20.5" x 12"), 1.9" thick

Weight: 9.3 pounds

Price: 79.-- € / from Januray 1, 2010: 119.-- €

Publisher: St. Benno Verlag, Leipzig

ISBN 978-3-7462-2800-6

In UK you can order via Amazon

In USA and Canada you can try to order via:

Ms Maria Incremona of Angelus Media Distribution Group

200 Broadway, Long Branch, NJ 07740

Phone: 888-222-2634



  1. The hat next to the pink Spanish pointed biretta is either the headgear of a Jewish Chief Rabbi, or a Muslim Ayatollah or Mufti , the one that looks like a round black pumpkin is Ethiopan or Egyptian Coptic Christian, and the tall beige felt looking hat is the type worn by Muslim monks who are called Dervishes, and have monasteries (yes, actual Muslim communities of monks), in mostly Turkey but also in Egypt and Syria. During the Muslim Ottoman Turkish Empire (1453-1922) which surplanted the Byzantines in 1453, there were thousands of Muslim monks in dozens of monasteries. Today there are not many. Mostly in Turkey, in the land where the movement began in the first place.

  2. great stuff, JP! I've heard of this exhibition before, and am pleased to see there is a book now!

  3. Will it be in English?