Friday, October 9, 2009

African Synod in Rome

On Sunday began the African Synod. 

So nice to see all the bishops of that wonderful continent in Rome and the Vatican City for these few weeks.  God bless them all and may He reward them in this life as in the next.   


  1. Hello... been following ur blog since some months, and I am totally fan of yours. I live in Sweden and hab been in Rome sometimes, but I whish I could contact you at this times I was there... next time for sure!
    Keep posting!

  2. The bishop on the right hand side is a bishop of the Ethiopian Catholic Church wearing the qob (instead of the zucchetto/soli deo)

  3. so far i think the bishops are doing their best as regards pastoral problems facing Africa but i also would like them to consider too - how the celebration of the Holy Eucharist could be made to put on some more African marks, it still looks foreign as at now." thank you
    by emmanuel effah.