Wednesday, October 21, 2009

From Harvard to Rome: the American Dominican in Rome

An exquisite man, this is Fr. Al Wilder, O.P.  A graduate from Harvard after WWII, he converted to Catholicism and entered the Dominican Order and is now one of the very last old-school Thomists still teaching in Rome.  For years he has taught philosophy and theology in the Holy City and is much loved by all students and will be sorely missed as this is his last teaching year at Rome's Angelicum.  Enjoy your retirement, Father, and we pray a new generation will pick up the torch and continue on! 


  1. Nice habit, even though alittle short.

    Reminds me of an Augustinian priest a few years ago at my local parish. He hardly ever wore his habit, but when he did, it came up to mid-calf, with clerical slacks showing and shoes.

    Looked ridiculous.

    He prefered layclothes.

  2. I studied both Logic and Ethics with Fr. Wilder and it was an ABSOLUTE BLAST! This guy certainly is one of my heroes, academy-wise!

  3. I have the privilege of being in one of Fr. Wilder's classes at the Angelicum. He is a lovely man and a very good lecturer.

  4. His certainly were the best lectures I ever attended in any university!