Monday, October 26, 2009

The English Martyrs Commemorated in Rome

Painted to inspire English seminarians and priests in Rome to continue to confess the Faith even in the sight of sure death, these images are found in the chapel of the Venerable English College, Rome.


  1. What is horrible, it that during that time (Elizabethan England) these Protestant barbarians did go after Roman Catholics, hunting them down like dogs and butchering them as depicted in the frescos (which look like they were done in the style and colors of Michaelangelo).
    Sir Francis Walsingham (infamous lunatic Protestant), during a 35 year stretch during the reign of Elizabeth I was the prime mover in the slaughtering of Catholics. He instituted a network of Protestant spies in a system (much like the USA FBI operates). They hunted down, informed on, and tortured Catholics in huge numbers. And Protestants have the gall and nerve to hurl "The Inquisition" in the face of Catholics!! And JP II appologized for it!!! LOL!!! The Inquisition was nothing compared to what Protestants did to Catholics in England and Germany.
    Which is why, as a Church, the Roman Catholic Church should have nothing to do whatesoever with any of it's forms. Especially Anglican. Because the hate is still there.
    Just read some of their posts after Benedict XVI magnanimous gesture to these people.
    Which is why (among other reasons)

  2. Venerable English College...probaly only about 4-5 sems there now!

  3. Is the chapel still being restored? When I was studying in Rome two years ago, we had a special tour by a friend, an esteemed alum of the Venerable English College, and he had to get special permission to show us these paintings because of the chapel restoration.

    I'm sad that Anonymous (the second) has such a pessimistic view of the state of the Church in Britain-- there were many seminarians at the VEC when I was studying over there, and I was very impressed with them.

  4. More like 25. Interesting group. Technically, the property is to revert to a pilgrim hostel, should once England return to the true faith.

    -mary ann