Saturday, October 17, 2009

Second Annual Rome Conference on Summorum Pontificum

This year the conference is being hosted at the Casa Bonus Pastor ( which is a palazzo extraterritoriale, part of the Vatican City.  To have such a celebration at the Vatican, at the Roman Minor Seminary, is a great honor. 


  1. This is a seminary? I looked at the website, and it looks more like a hotel to me, accomodations for tourists and visitors. There are suites that look like confortable hotel rooms, and a patio with tables under umbrellas. I would indeed like this to be a seminary rather than a hotel....but from what I saw, I don't think this is the Roman Minor Seminary...but a residence for tourists.

  2. Because of the collapse in vocations in recent years, for the Holy Year 2000 they made a larger part of the property a hotel, another part a primary school and another small part is still the minor seminary, with the main chapel there.