Sunday, October 11, 2009

Catholic Australia


  1. The habit of the Servite Friars is rarely seen in the US anymore. What a shame; it is so beautiful! In this photo we can catch just a glimpse of the Seven Dolor rosary hanging on the right side. BAMK

  2. There are only about 80 Servite friars left in the USA....another disasterous fruit of the last 40 years.
    Unfortunatly the Servite Order world wide bought into the radical liberal abuses and deforms both liturgically and regards religious life over the last four decades, so that they have declined form about 2,400 before Vatican II, to about 700 today.
    Very, very sad.
    And unfortunatly for the most part, at least in the USA, they are still pushing the same spiritually bankrupt liberal agenda...on the road to extinction.
    But it is a beautiful habit. One of the nicest the the Church. Although personally, I think the Trinitarian friars habit, complete with the black cape with the blue and red cross is the best!!