Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pontifical High Mass Sung in St. Peter's Basilica in the Gregorian Rite

Vestments from the treasury (sacristy) of the Vatican Basilica. 


  1. Is it true from an article I read that guards actually tried to keep the curious and more attendees out (faithful who were just wandering over to join in the Mass), and that the whole area was blocked off by guards and curtains so that people inside the Basilica could not see the Tridentine Latin Mass going on.
    If so, there are alot of people in the Vatican who are real a--h----!!

  2. wow, what a tall and beautiful mitre!

  3. When the chapel was full, yes, employees (guards) kept others from entering, even before the Mass began. There was no room to just wander in.

    The big event that morning was not ours, but the huge Ordine della Madre di Dio Mass at the altar of the chair for the fourth centenary of the death of their founder, St. John Leonardi with thousands of priests and faithful and loads of bishops all in the presence of his incorrupt body, there in a glass casket.

  4. the Blessed Sacrament Chapel is ALWAYS "blocked off" by guards and huge curtains, Anonymous, restricting the flow of people into the chapel (so that there's actually a quiet place to pray in the Basilica.)
    The chapel was absolutely packed with people. Don't look into the guards' behavior any more than you should. Brother.