Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pastor Angelicus: the Ultimate Vatican DVD

Want to know what it was like in the good old days in the Vatican?

Director: Romolo Marcellini
Narrator (English Version): Msgr. Fulton J. Sheen
Introduction (English Version): Archbishop Spellman
Copyright: 1942
Documentary on Pius XII in black and white
80 min.

Available from:
Filmoteca Vaticana
Via della Conciliazione, 5
00120 Citta' del Vaticano

While still in high school by God's grace yours truly got a copy of this in VHS from Keep the Faith and seeing it was my first ever view of Rome and the Vatican in motion.  Still seeing the film years later I can almost hear the Batman theme (reprise) or Attack of the Batwing from the original Batman film score.


  1. thank you for posting this great info!

  2. Can this still be obtained via the Vatican Film Library? With Archbishop Sheen as the voice over? What's the cost?? Any other dvd/vhs of this nature you can recommend? (James)

  3. Update: Vatican Library only has the Italian version. Much due diligence on the Net has produced nil. Any ideas on how to get the English version w/Archbishop Sheen? (James)

  4. Get the English version from Keep the Faith.

    The Italian version has no English and no Spellman intro or Sheen narration.


    In English it was called "The Story of the Pope."

  6. Aye - brilliant! Like the blog, as well. Any other old dvd/vhs you have knowledge of that would also be available out there if one did enough divinely-inspired due diligence?!