Friday, February 19, 2010

What is Wrong With this Picture?

Notice the gorgeous altar with the tomb of St. Giovanni Calasanzio (sepulcrum S. Iosephi Calasanctii)?

So why the altar on wheels?

P.S. Big sale at IKEA this weekend, no?


  1. Ewww.

    They could at least have ditched the greenery in favour of four additional candles. And maybe, you know, a crucifix?

  2. It is my experience that Italians favor this silly arrangement of two candles at one corner and a floral/potted plant at the other corner. John, you're in Rome. Why don't you bring this stuff up with someone who can actually do something about it? Our ineffective moaning is getting as tiresome as the bad taste that refuses to go away.

  3. Is the convention of having two candles on one side and flowers on the other something very common in Europe? I feel like I've seen it in a lot of photos.

  4. Because it's meals on wheels!!

  5. The older altar is magnificent.

    The small altar in the front is HORRIBLE. It looks 100% PROTESTANT!!