Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rome Faces: His Excellency Athanasius Schneider

N.B. Anybody feel free to add this pic to the Wiki page.


  1. I hope Pope Benedict XVI absolutely shocks the liberals and dissidents (liturgical and otherwise) in the Church by giveing this wonderful and holy traditional bishop a huge promotion, either to a powerful office in the Roman Curia (Prefect for Bishops or for Christian Unity etc.), or that he be moved to a Cardinals posting as Archbishop in Germany.
    Where he is now, (Kazakhstan) is a backwater. This great hero of the Church needs to be given a huge boost in office and prestiege.

    Who knows...he's young (less than 50). He might be Pope in 10-12 years or so!

  2. His Excellency Schneider was just at the I.C.R.S.S. International Seminary at Gricigliano in December. He celebrated Low Mass and visited the Sister Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus. A nice visit. If there is to be a shock to the liturgical liberals it will be in the form of presenting a red saturno to Archbishop Burke becuase he is already Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura.
    And Long Live Benedict XVI.