Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nuns in the Vatican

The sister on the far left is American.

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  1. What a wonderful Order. I read that their convent in Italy, though a very impressive 15th century palace, is becoming too small for this group, which has I believe close to 20 sisters. They have more novices (8), than nearly all USA Orders of nuns have had in 40 years!
    What a refreshing and edifying witness for the Roman Catholic Faith and tradition. Orders such as this community of sisters, and others that dress traditionally are young and growing.
    Orders like we have in the USA (and elsewhere), who are being investigated for corruption of life, and who wear layclothes, have an average age of 74, and seem preoccupied with dissident theology, bizarre femminist liturgies, femminism in general, women priests and rights for homosexuals are dying out rapidly.
    I hope the investigation into these USA Orders ends with their en masse supression by the Vatican.

  2. A rare site. Sisters wearing habits. Maybe you should send this photo to Joan Chittister OSB. How to properly dress as a Sister. Oh I forgot, she wants to be a Priest.