Tuesday, February 23, 2010

St. Peter's Basilica Decorated with Candles for Feast of Chair of Peter

Every year on 22 February.


  1. Didn't Piero Marini try to curtail/supress this glorious expression of Catholic tradition too.

    I think so. That and doing away with the tiara on St. Peter's head for 1-2 years strait.

  2. I used this wonderful picture as my PC background!

  3. How wonderful it would look if enhanced by the portable chandaliers which illuminated the Vatican for years..Any word on their possible return for special occasions..I assume they are storing them in the attic of the Basilica for a reason. Can someone find out or take a crack at this riddle? The light they illuminated set St. Peter's aglow in an ethereal light.

  4. The ethereal light emmited by the Chandoliers is greatly missed. I too wonder if there is any discussion to use them for solemn occasions. They added such beauty and really transformed the Basilica. Keeping them up in the attic for decades seems such a shame.Although not a hot topic for discussion, people do miss them and wonder when they will see them was the Basilica in their glow once again.