Sunday, February 28, 2010

Donations: Many Thanks to Everybody!

"And the poor should thank God for giving them somebody to supply their wants."

-Pope St. Clement (martyred in 101 A.D.).

Thank you to everybody.

In this money-mad, insubordinate and pleasure-crazed world some really generous souls have given to support this blog and this generosity is a grace from the Holy Ghost and is much appreciated.

The Lord reward you always!

Every time I pray before the August Sacrament of the altar in Rome know that I pray for you, your family, vocation and private intentions. 

You know who you are: be blessed!

On every count I am under obligation to return thanks to Him and to you in the holiness of prayer.

Thank you in the name of the one true God (to Whom be glory for ever, Amen). 

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