Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What is Wrong With this Picture?

Jolly well for design impudence, kids, and for pity's sake, Borromini would roll over in his grave over this misshapen clutter.

Such gaping disrespect for genius (that even makes some pleased as Punch) continues to be so obstinate and woe betide anybody who disagrees over such 'sixties marionette dumbness. 

Such an odd barefaced effrontery to not celebrate Holy Mass atop the historical altar already consecrated and permanent with a fixed tabernacle in the sanctuary (but instead to spend such a sum on a new cube altar and jail-bar ambo). 


  1. What's wrong with this picture? There's a perfectly beautiful altar in the back to be used. People need to get back into the theological trinitarian mindset of ad orientem which was never abrogated at Second Vatican Council II.

  2. Yes, the new altar at San Carlino... Only put in for the last Holy Year. Of course, the (wooden) altar rails, integral to the architect's scheme have also been removed. What really galls about this scheme, apart from the havoc it plays with the internal geometrical order, both planar and volumetric, is that the old altar is SO close to the people anyway. Not even mentioning (oops) the fact that it has no artistic merit whatsoever.


  3. In a twinkling clumsy altars like this will be history.

  4. San Carlo is so small, tiny even; is there enough room to actually say Mass at the new Altar?