Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22, 2010: Peter in Tiara

Today many pooh-pooh the tiara.  The world will always be indignantly against it.  But the world is about stocks and shares and no rules and having a good time.

Today is already 2010 and young hearts are astir for a new appreciation for what the tiara is a modern symbol of - it is a symbol for Church unity.

Liking the tiara is a must.  Teach your kids about it. 

It is old-fashioned, yes, but also new-fangled.  The pandemonium of the sixties cultural revolution said no to the tiara, but we say yes to it today. 

The stockade is the Church.  What came in the wake of the revolution was a time of low ebb for the Church, but that is past and now all is up. 


  1. To see it on a living Pope before my death is a small Catholic Dream I have..The symbolism is rich..As with all restorations, wearing the tiara once in a while will fade away and people will not care anymore..Announce every Mass MAY now be in Latin as of such and such a date and that will cause enough discussion and distraction that when Papa Benedict places the tiara on few will take note, obsessed with what is happenening with Latin. Then recind the Latin decree for a while..Done..