Monday, February 22, 2010

Heralds of the Gospel


  1. They would look so much better if they would adopt a traditional monastic tunic (floor length), and sandals.
    Drop the short "skirt", and definitly the boots!

    But they are a very fine organization, very traditional, use the TLM, and many of their members actually ARE trying to start a new religious Order with this habit.

  2. The problem is that the women members wear the same costume as the men.

  3. I believe you are missing the point that in addition to looking "quasi-monastic" their garb is also supposed to be reminiscent of the garb of knights, boots and all. They are intending to look like the warrior-monks of old. I think it's wonderful!

  4. I neglected to mention earlier that their garb is also about the length of a tabard which is the garment worn by heralds. That explains the short length. Not so much a "skirt" as a tabard.

  5. The Heralds of the Gospel is an International Association of Faithful of Pontifical Right, the first to be erected by the Holy See in the third millennium, which occurred during the feast of the Chair of St. Peter (February 22) in 2001.
    It originated in Brazil, where its parent company and headquarters, is the birthplace of its founder and the majority of its members.

    Composed primarily of young people, this association is present in 78 countries. Its members practice of consecrated life of celibacy, and devote themselves fully to the apostolate, living in homes designed specifically for boys or girls, who alternate the life of recollection, study and prayer with evangelization efforts in dioceses and parishes, with special emphasis on training of youth.

    Although not profess vows and keep it in the secular world - except for some who embrace the ways of the priesthood - the Heralds of the Gospel seeking to practice in all its purity the fascinating counsels.

    The Company Clerical Virgo Flos Carmeli is made up of members of the Heralds of the Gospel who received the call to the priesthood, after decades of community life, in order to better carry out missionary activity, as can be seen in art. 3 of its statutes:

    "The Company is born as an expression of the charism of the Heralds of the Gospel Association, and the specificity of the priestly vocation, expressing the intention to act on shared goals and methods and the said association, and engaging in particular that the faithful who are attracted by this charisma have a ministerial assistance, especially those living in the community (PC 10).

    They are part of it, too, some members who, without embracing the priestly vocation, worked together for years with his charisma and mission in the various activities of the apostolic life and community.

    The origins of this group go back to the 70s, when Msgr. John Scognamiglio Clá Dias, still lay with some of the Carmelite tertiary sodality "Virgo Flos Carmeli (Carmelites of Ancient Observance) started a community life in a Benedictine monastery in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Divided their time between prayer and study, with periods of silence, in order to obtain optimum results in the work of evangelization.

    The Heralds´s Charism and its activities all over the world.

    Intalation of Church by Cardinal Franc Rode

    Father Maycon Vieira

  6. Well the Heralds of the Gospel are theologically religious, but also juridically they are as well.
    The Heralds use the name Heralds of the Gospel in general, but within there are two societies of apostolic life of pontifical right, approved by Pope Benedict XVI, which means he personally signed and knows very well who they are. So why all the discussions?

  7. The Headquarters I understand is in Brazil and that I believe is a problem. I also understand that they do not say the whole Mass and the Decades of the Rosary are recited to Dr. Pilino's mother.