Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thank You for Donations: Merci de votre aide!

No, Catholics are not cheap.

And yes, many people enjoy this blog and donations are greatly accepted with humility and gratitude in Christ.

The Lord bless and reward you generous Christians who have given freely to support my being in the Holy City to keep this blog going. 

You value this blog: thank you!

Every day is a blessing.  In the beginning very little time was put into this blog.  Now more time has been put into it and the Lord has blessed it with a bit of growth.  I am a volunteer.  I volunteer my time for the cause - the effort is for our posterity (our descendants).  I have thousands more pics to post, I just need more time, and support.     

Everything comes with a price.  There is even a price tag for living abroad; and everything is expensive in Rome. 

Pray for the tourist industry here: the recession, poor value of the dollar and swine flu have wounded the current of tourists and pilgrims.  And the bogus promises made during election year brought no "change we can."

Enjoy the economy of images here and know that your intentions are carried at every moment in the Holy City, as ever.

Let us pray!

Datum Romae


  1. I know how it is not a farthing in the pocket as a grad student.

  2. You are truly a worthy cause! You have developed an unique brand of viritual tourism of a high quality, from an authentically Catholic perspective. Bravo my friend! And to think, it all began with my favourite boat. Nostalgia.