Saturday, November 28, 2009

Opus Dei in Rome

Basilica of San Salvatore. 


  1. Does Opus Dei celebrate/foster the Tridentine Latin Mass in any of it's foundations in Rome (or elsewhere?). I did read once that St. Josemaria Escriva was not especially supportive of the Novus Ordo, but went along with it. Of course I know that the very great Saint Padre Pio was opposed to the reforms of the Mass (even the very first preliminary ones after the Council) as well as the Novus Ordo even though he didn't live to see that make it's disasterous debut into the life of the Church. But I was wondering about Opus Dei, if it is ever celebrated in their Roman foundations.
    It seems to me that for a religious Order to claim to be orthodox and traditional, faithful and traditionally Cahtolic yet NOT to allow for the celebration by its members of the Tridentine Latin Mass nor to foster it among the faithful is somehow hypocritical and a gross misrepresentation of the Order.
    The Legionaries of Christ come to mind. I've read that they have (until their tremendously embarassing crisis regarding their founder and other peculiar practices which is likely to lead the to supression of this community), always presented themselves as staunch traditionalists, orthodox and observant BUT have been extremely hostile to Catholic traditionalism and the Tridentine Latin Mass.
    To claim to be traditional Catholic, and yet oppose the Tridentine Mass is a contradiction in terms.

  2. St. Escriva received one of the first three indults to offer the Tridentine Mass (the others being St. Pio and the diocese of Wales). He never used the Novus Ordo missal. Opus Dei remains a largely traditional organization, but not as traditional as their founder. They often use the Latin Novus Ordo, but I haven't heard of them using the Traditonal form.

  3. I was just in this Church a few days ago when i was in Rome and lit candles at this altar. It is my understanding, however, that this is not an Opus Dei Church but a diocesan Church though it seems different than other Churches in Rome, more vibrant, for instance. What do you know about this Church?

  4. To my knowledge, Opus Dei, and the Legionaries of Christ, celebrated the Mass (now known as the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite) in full fidelity to the rubrics, Latin, chant, and all.

  5. "Anonymous said...
    To my knowledge, Opus Dei, and the Legionaries of Christ, celebrated the Mass (now known as the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite) in full fidelity to the rubrics, Latin, chant, and all."

    All well and good. But the POINT is, that if a religious Order of monks,friars, priests, or even nuns presents itself as traditional/traditionalist and orthodox and observant, and yet DOES NOT ever allow for the celebration or fostering of the Tridentine Latin Mass in it's community and among the faithful are at least in some small measure, hypocrits. They are what we would call (and it's a rather negative term...neo-con Catholics. That is, Catholics who try to present themselves as dutiful, faithful, traditional and orthodox Catholics. They tediously state how faithful they are to the letter and law of Vatican II, and it's orientation. YET, they catagorically disallow the Tridentine Latin Mass, and any expression (liturgically or otherwise), of pre-Vatican II Catholicism. It's as if the Catholic Church began in 1965 and 1969 (close of Vatican II, debut of Novus Ordo).
    No matter how praiseworthy these people seem to be,THAT of course, is false Catholicism.
    They seem always to be pointing out how "good" they are( but it's like the story of the Pharisee and the Publican..if anyone remembers that parbale from the New Testament!)

    1. Opus Dei is not an order. It is a Catholic organization with mostly lay members and of that, a relatively small fraction of priests in its membership.

  6. Believe it or not, the new Mass can be said "traditionally". And Opus Dei does not describe themselves as "traditional" or "traditionalist"... others do. "hypocrites" is a strong word. They are completely orthodox.

    I am curious if any of their priests have made use of Summorum Pontificum, since it's promulgation. I have not heard either way.

  7. Yes, some of their priests use the EF: I served one this past July at one of their East Coast retreat centers, in fact.

    Greater freedom in regard to the use of the EF has been recognized within the members of the Priestly Society of the Holy Cross by the Prelate himself.

    If I'm wrong, please correct me - but at the Roman College of the Holy Cross, the Schola have consistently used all the chants as found in the Graduale Romanum and the Latin Mass Ordinaries.

    They have tried to faithfully fulfill the Latin Ordo Missae as promulgated from the Holy See since 1969, completely, fully, and in continuity with ALL the customs and traditions of the Roman usage.

  8. where's the manipule??
    or does this depict the one only time S. JoseMª said the new mass?

  9. some Opus Dei priests celebrate the my place at least here in the Philippines, I know one who says it, my director supportive of it, and a few others learning it, Opus Dei is open to it, the OF remains as the Ordinary Form which most Opus Dei priests use but the Work is also open to the Latin Mass....St. Josemaria Escriva used the Novus Ordo once in awhile...usually he used the EF but there were times when he used the OF