Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Meet Madre Maria Vincenza Minet: A Modern Saint

Dressed in white is one of our favorites, Mother Vincenza.  Mother is the foundress of the Congregazione Suore Ancelle della Visitazione.  Here she is pictured with Sister Margherita Marchione, an American sister of the Maestre Pie Filippini.

Today Mother Vincenza is 81.  She has led a storied life and her new religious order has grown quickly and enjoyed many spiritual blessings.

Mother was one of the sisters who took care of His Eminence Eugene Card. Tisserant at the end of his earthly journey.  In fact, she was there praying with him as he passed on - and she considers it a grace to have taken care of him in his last days and shares that his last words were the Ave Maria, prayed in French, just before his last breath. 

Just today it was a great honor to pray with Mother, in Latin, on the Via Aurelia north of Rome.  To pray the Ave Maria with her!

Saints among us.

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  1. Beautiful work she has done....but not much of a religious habit.

    I've seen photos of her Order. They realy don't dress in what you'd actually call a habit...in the trad sense. More like a white dress and short veil. Great work they do, but disappointing they cling to the outdated "modified" habits which have proven to be no draw for many vocations.