Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Nuns Loved Us First

Believe me: before you were born you were loved by a nun. 

Sr. Marie Noelle was the nun who made me the Christian man I am today.  My mother even kept the card she sent when I was born.  She was later my teacher and I had the honor to visit her last summer to thank her as an adult.  She loved me.   

As a boy I used to hear my grandfathers speak with the most solemn reverence of the "sisters."  This was an important boyhood experience for me.  Nuns had raised both of them in the Catholic school system.  They were loved by the nuns and this was love they didn't get at home, from the sound of things. 

If my daughter ever answered the call to be a sister I would weep and moan with joy at the Lady altar of any parish in thanksgiving for the rest of my days. 


  1. You're right about nuns, at least about the good sisters. And there were and are still so many of them both young and old.

    The sad thing, the desperatly sad thing however, is the destruction of religious life especially among communities of nuns, done by the nuns themselves since Vatican II. Not all Orders of course, but a large percentage.
    It's amazing how much affection Catholics still have for the memories and image of "Sister" habit. And it is equally amazing from a negative standpoint how much animosity there is among faithful Catholics, especially the young, towards the liberal dissident femminist habitless nuns who seem to run the show in the USA, and have worked their way into running so many dioseceean chacellories and parishes. They have stirred up tremendous resentment in parishes, pushing a liberal agenda re. liturgy and other things that the parishoners simply don't want. We know it's wrong.
    Let's pray for the good sisters shown in these photos, ans also for the Pope and the Vatican sponsored investigation into the liberal American nuns and all the harm they have done. Let's hope the Vatican has the will to supress the offending USA Orders once and for all.