Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cappella Papale: First Vespers of the First Sunday of Advent

Yours truly shouted "Ad multos annos, Santita' !" and then came the smile and thus the closed eyes.  Needless to say, it's always a great moment to be next to Petrus Romanus. 


  1. JP whats the word in Rome about the sedia? according to cattolici romani forum its to return in winter?

  2. Ad multos annos, indeed. Your word in God's ear!

    I love that you were close enough to His Holiness to make him smile.

  3. to stand in the shadow of the Pope
    what an honor
    much love

  4. Thank you John for letting the Pope know we love him.

  5. I read on more than 1 blog that the Sedia Gestatoria IS coming back, and soon. This would be monumental.
    Not only would it be appropriate so that people can actually see the Pope in ceremonies and audiences, but it adds to the reverence and magesty of a Papal ceremony.
    John Paul II discarded it in 1978 because he was supposedly too "macho" to deign to use the Sedia.RIDICULOUS REASON.
    I also read that he refused to wear much of the more ornate Papal regalia because they made him hot.
    IT's well known that several Popes didn't like the Sedia, but nevertheless used it all the time.
    John XXIII hated it because the swaying as the Sedia moved made him slightly nauseous.
    Paul VI hated it because he had a fear of being yanked from it by over zealous pilgrims, or it toppling over with him in it.
    John Paul I hated it because he hated being the center of attention...yet he used it anyway.
    Three Popes who used it all the time, despite having a dislike for it.
    John Paul II's reasoning was totally invalid and ridiculous.