Saturday, November 21, 2009

Forty Years of "New Order" Mass

1969 - 2009


  1. One word....DISASTER!!

  2. the new order is alive and well.
    the fact that some do not do the red and say the black does not mean that the n.o. is flawed.

    if you would spend more time researching WHY the rite was changed instead of taking pictures and running around rome you might be more credible.

    you are nostalgic for days you did not know.

    paul vi was a great man.

  3. Quite a frightening rather than fatherly pose!

  4. Commenter #2 is insulting to your great website, and obviously is not a traditional Catholic.

    I read that the Holy Mass of the Catholic Church was changed by Paul VI for one reason, and one reason ONLY. And the scandal of it all is that it was changed to accomodate/please PROTESTANTS!!!!

    Paul VI and his cohorts believed at the time that if the Catholic Church changed the Mass, discarded Catholic tradition and updated, updated, updated (in Italian the infamous word aggiornamento), THEN the Catholic Church would be more acceptable to the Protestants, and thus the outcome of ecumenical "dialog" would be almost assured.

    It was a disasterous policy which ruined the Church, drove tens of millions from the Church and has nearly wiped out 75% of religious Orders in the Church. Very, very few have NOT suffered huge declines since the New Mass of Paul VI came in.

    The results of Paul VI's policy (and by extension John Paul II's policy to continue to heap praise upon the Novus Ordo as he always did), has been a collapse of the Faith which will take 200 years to recover from. It will take 100 years to restore the Mass, and re-educate the Catholic people. Small steps towards this are happening already.

    Once we get a Pope not contaminated by either participating in, or being a product of the first disasterous generation after the Council (someone ordained AFTER 1980), then there might be hope for the Church...because as everyone knows, most priests who cling to Vatican II are between 50-80. Those older tend to be the last of the old guard, and those younger are those who have a re-awakening Catholic tradition, especially regarding the Mass.

  5. His Holiness was not that bad as a Pope, but I wouldn't say that Paul VI. was "a great man". I would say that he was quite weak.
    I am sure that he has noticed, that the church was steering into the wrong direction, but that he didn't have the strengt to fight against those, who used the Vaticanum II. as an alibi to destroy the church.
    Like John XXIII. Paul VI. had a good heart - and who on earth knows what made him promulgate the novus ordo?
    It was ovious 40 years ago as it is obvious today that the novus ordo was one of the biggest mistakes in modern church history.

  6. Your blog is the BEST. I am a convert and I am so grateful to be part of the Catholic world that you show through your beautiful photos and writing. Thank you!