Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Accademia Vivarivm Novvm: the Ultimate Latin School Now in Rome

The inauguration of the new location in Rome will be tomorrow, November 25, at three o'clock.

Accademia Vivarium Novum
Via Corrado Barbagallo, 20 (Residenza Aurelia)
00166 Roma

See here: http://www.vivariumnovum.it/

The new Rome location is thanks to the Legionaries of Christ.

It's also a bit of a distance from downtown Rome (it's west of the city just off Via Aurelia): from the metro stop Cornelia take bus 246 until you arrive at Malagrotta and then take line 023 and get off at Via Corrado Barbagallo (Residenza Aurelia).

Motto: Profusum Sapientiae Semen Iustitiae Alere Flamma.


  1. Are you going? Who will be there and gives us a report?

  2. "Ultimate Latin School"???? Until Reginaldus returns.